Juvenile Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes, or juvenile diabetes, is typically diagnosed in children. Causes can include genetic factors as well as some environmental factors. Learn more about the symptoms, testing and diagnosis of juvenile diabetes as well as treatment methods. Find tips from other parents on caring for your child and ensuring their best possible health.    

Diabetes in Teenagers: Challenges and Management

Juvenile diabetes or type 1 diabetes afflicts many children, teenagers and young adults. Parents are often concerned about how teenagers must cope with the challenges of growing up and managing the disease. Learn more about diabetes in teenagers and how to promote self care.

Signs of Childhood Diabetes

Diabetes type 1 affects thousands of children and young adults. Unlike adult-onset or type 2 diabetes, juvenile-onset or childhood diabetes is an autoimmune disease not related to obesity or diet. Learn more about recognizing the signs of childhood diabetes to prevent complications.

Primary Prevention in Children With Diabetes

What is the primary prevention in children with diabetes? There are a number of causes of the illness. But one factor plays the largest role in the incidence of this condition in children today. Find out the best way to prevent diabetes in your children before it’s too late.

Juvenile Diabetes in Babies

Juvenile diabetes in babies is possible. While type 1 diabetes in babies is not common, environmental factors can trigger this disease early in some children. Very young babies with diabetes may also have a form of diabetes called Neonatal Diabetes.
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