Insect Allergies

Getting stung by a bee or insect is never fun. However, if you’re allergic to a bug getting stung could be life threatening! Learn to recognize the symptoms of an allergic reaction and the steps to take if you or someone near you is going into anaphylactic shock. Find out if you are allergic, how to get tested and how to keep safe.

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  • Are You a Victim of Dust Mite Allergy? Learn the Symptoms
    If you common experience allergic reactions when in the home this may indicate you have a dust mite allergy. Symptoms are year-round and can inflame the nose and respiratory tract, causing the patient to seek medical help for relief.
  • Symptoms of Bee Sting Allergies
    The symptoms of bee sting allergies are distinct from normal bee sting symptoms. Learn how to identify an allergic reaction in case of a bee sting.
  • Delayed Reaction to Insect Stings and Bites
    Almost all of us will have suffered stings and insect bites at some time. For most of us, it represents a painful and irritating experience, but for some, an insect sting or bite can cause an allergic reaction at once or in the hours and days following the incident - a delayed allergic reaction.
  • How to Eliminate Dust Mites in Your Home
    Dust mites cause a number of allergy symptoms in people, but there are several ways to eliminate dust mites in your home that will help to alleviate your symptoms.
  • How to Treat a Reaction to a Bee Sting
    Bee stings can happen anywhere, particularly in the outdoors. Know how to treat if someone allergicto bee sting. Learn what to do if a reaction is normal and what to do if a severe reaction occurs
  • Reaction to Wasp Sting: What is Normal?
    Wasp stings are fairly common, particularly in the summer months. What are reactions to wasp stings? This article will tell you what would you normally expect from a wasp sting and what to do if the reaction is severe.
  • Learn How To React to Bee Sting Reactions
    Getting stung by a bee can be both painful and scary, particularly if you are allergic to a bee's venom. Many people can have a serious life-threateing reaction to bee venom. Learn what to do in the event of a bee sting.
  • Have A Mosquito Allergy? Tips On How To Cope
    Mosquitoes are everywhere. Despite all the prevention you may do, a mosquito bite may occur and probably have some reactions to it. Learn how to deal with a mosquito allergy.
  • Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Allergies to Insect Stings and Bites
    Are you afraid of insects? Though they terrify many people, most insect stings and bites are not life-threatening — unless the victim has an allergy.