Trying to Conceive Naturally: Fertility Herbs to Enhance Conception

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Infertility is a really hard thing to deal with. The emotional stress of trying to conceive and then finding out that you are not pregnant can sometimes be unbearable. Questions race through your mind wondering if there is something wrong with you or your partner, the empty feelings of being a failure seem to forever loom over your head.

The good news is that this is not a recent problem. In fact ancient civilizations have been affected with bouts of infertility as well. Herbs have always been used to fix the reproductive problems. In fact, information of success can be dated back to 200 A.D. in China. This article can shed a little light on the best fertility herbs to take for both men and women.

Fertility Herbs for Men

There are many issues that need to be addressed with the sperm. For instance there is mobility, motility, and agglutination. Mobility and motility have to do with the sperms ability to move fast and far while agglutination is a condition where the sperm are clumping together which prohibits them from reaching the egg. Agglutination can be fixed with zinc and vitamin C.

Maca is a fertility herb that has been widely used in early civilizations and in fact was treated almost like gold for its wonderful effect on the male reproductive system. In modern times we now know that Maca nourishes both male and female systems, enhances mental and physical strength as well as increases stamina.

Ginseng is a known herbal remedy for fighting male impotence and increasing fertility. It enhances both mobility and motility. Ginseng is a widely used aphrodisiac that effectively boosts sperm count.

Saw Palmetto commonly is used by men with a low sex drive. This fertility herb can amplify the sexual desire while strengthening the male reproductive system.

Flaxseed Oil can be the vital key to leading a man and woman to fertile health. The components in this plant allow the bodies to work in proper order and significantly help all fertility issues when used in combination with other fertility herbs.

Fertility Herbs for Women

There are a couple reasons why a woman becomes infertile: irregular menstruation, ovulation difficulties and not enough cervical mucus. The following herbs address each of these issues.

Evening Primrose Oil is a must to have enough cervical mucus to take the sperm all the way to the egg. It is taken only from menstruation to ovulation as it can cause contractions in early pregnancy.

Vitex, also known as Chasteberry, is a special fertility herb that makes sure ovulation occurs normally without problems or delays.

Dong Quai can be used when menstruation is irregular. It regulates the hormones and stabilized the female cycle. This fertility herb helps tone the uterus and prepares it for conception too.

All of these fertility herbs enhance conception and should be taken along with a good multivitamin. With both parties taking precautions conception is far more likely to occur.


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