All Natural Thrush Treatments

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What is Thrush?

Thrush (properly known as Candidiasis) is a fungal infection that affects the mouth. It is very common in infants and easily treated. It can be painful enough to prevent a child or baby from eating, which can lead to other ailments.

Asthma patients and people taking antibiotics are particularly susceptible to thrush.

The thick, white spots that form in the mouth of a thrush patient are the best way of detecting the presence of Candida. If the same sort of spots appear on an adult, it is usually in the vagina (called a “yeast infection”) or on the nipples of a nursing mother. There are over-the-counter remedies for yeast infections, but the same natural treatments that work for babies will also heal adults.

Treating Thrush with Natural Remedies

There are household remedies that work against Candida. Let’s look into what some of the more common natural thrush treatments are.

Baking soda is a common household ingredient that can be part of effective thrush treatments. When mixed in water with a drop of dish washing liquid, it can be used to wipe the baby’s mouth. After repeated use, the thrush is relieved and clears up.

Aloe vera is another natural remedy for the treatment of thrush. Drinking aloe vera juice (by itself or mixed with other juices) is effective in clearing up a Candida infection in the mouth or intestinal tract. Using aloe vera to rinse the mouth without swallowing it is a good way to get rid of it in the oral cavity. Aloe vera concentrate can be applied to other external areas with good results.

Yogurt is more than a tasty treat, especially when it comes to Candida. It’s a “probiotic” and very effective in curing yeast infections. Cranberries, garlic, echinacea and goldenseal are also very good for Candida patients. Cranberries, whether in the juice or in jelled form clear up yeast infections. Garlic can be eaten in many foods as well as taken in pill form. Goldenseal and echinacea are generally used in teas or supplements.

Tea tree oil, although toxic if swallowed, makes an effective rinse for the treatment of thrush. Pau d’arco bark makes a soothing and curative rinse for the mouth and other areas affected by thrush.

Vitamin C is another natural thrush treatment. About 1000 milligrams per day can not only clear up a current yeast infection, but protect against future attacks as well.

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