Urinary Tract Infection: Natural Treatments

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Urinary tract infection natural treatments and remedies are very common and are used to put an end to the symptoms. Left unchecked, an urinary tract infection can cause kidney damage and require more serious medical treatment. Natural remedies should be used as soon as the first symptoms appear and continue until the symptoms are all gone.

Diet can be an important factor in urinary tract infection natural treatments. It’s just as important to remove certain foods from the diet as it is to add others. For example, strong spices, coffee and alcohol should be avoided to keep from making the infection worse. Molasses, honey and syrups should also be eliminated during the course of the treatment.

Vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc and cranberry juice are the best additions to a diet for the cure of urinary tract infections.

Echinacea, barberry root (not for pregnant women), marshmallow root, goldenseal, bearberry and cornsilk are the best herbs for the treatment of urinary tract infections. These can be taken in either tablet or tea form. Uva ursi (bearberry) doesn’t combine well with cranberry or other products that contain vitamin C and should be used only when vitamin C is not being taken.

Homeopathic Remedies for Urinary Tract Infections

Staphysagria, apis and cantharis are very useful in combating urinary tract infections. They can be used in prepared doses found in a health food store.

For external use, essential oils are valuable in fighting urinary tract infections. Chamomile, sandalwood and lavender can bring relief to the patient when applied to the abdomen and lower back or when added to a bath for soaking.

When confronted with a urinary tract infection, the most important factors for clearing up the infection and regaining good health are time and the right combination of remedies. Time is of the essence to prevent the infection from spreading or getting worse. Natural or herbal remedies are generally easier to find and less expensive than doctor visits and prescription drugs. Adding or removing certain foods is the easiest treatment and has no side effects.

If no improvement is seen in about five days, a doctor may be required to discover the cause and provide treatment. If the symptoms worsen and include high fever or blood in the urine, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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