Convenient Healthy Foods: Do You Know What to Grab and Run?

Convenient Healthy Foods: Do You Know What to Grab and Run?
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Go Go Go!

Society is on the move. Whether we’re rushing out to work or trying to make the school bus on time, we’re in a rush to get to where we need to be. With more and more people on the go, sometimes many things get pushed aside in order for us to get to where we need to go; often times, this includes those important meals of the day.

Think about how many times you’ve skipped breakfast because you were running late or worked through lunch in order to finish that important project. Skipping meals is possibly one of the worst things that you can do for your body and your health, but what can you do? Your boss or teacher can’t excuse you for being late because you didn’t get breakfast and that deadline isn’t going to wait until after lunch, so how do you keep healthy when there’s tons of things to do?

Luckily, there actually are convenient healthy foods that you can enjoy, with little to no preparation involved, other than just picking up and going.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Meals

So you skipped breakfast this morning. You were running late and traffic was going to be a killer; what’s the harm?

The harm in skipping meals, especially breakfast, is the potential for overeating, not to mention destabilizing your metabolism. When you skip, you’re more likely to overeat or binge at your next meal; this of course can add on the calories, the fats, the sugars, and of course, the weight. This of course is more likely if you skip meals frequently. This also can mess with your metabolism; your metabolism is what breaks down food and drink into energy.

Some people believe that skipping meals some of the time can be good for you, however this is really only a short term solution. The overall issues that can be presented by skipping meals can be serious.

What Should I Eat?

You know that skipping meals is bad for your diet, but again, what can you do? The day isn’t going to pause itself because you need to have breakfast, so what options are there?


There are many ways in which to add in those healthy meals without having to go off course on your diet or weight loss regiment. Here

are some great convenient foods that are not only healthy, but quick and can be had as either a full meal or that of a quick, healthy snack.

  1. Smoothies are by far my personal favorite, especially in the summer time. The great thing about smoothies is that they hardly take anytime at all to make and you can add whatever kind of healthy fruits that you want. Fresh fruits are obviously the better choice, but you can find fruit melodies in your freezer aisle. You can even find blenders that will allow you to make the drink and then carry the container with you. Because it’s all blended, you can even add in herbal supplements. I have a hard time swallowing pills, so smoothies are the best way for me to add in extra vitamins.
  2. Fruits, and speaking of fruits, these are not only great snacks, but can make for great finger meals. Apples, apricots, berries, you name it. And of course, they are easy to take with you on your commute and easy to eat at your desk. It’s not unheard of for people to add fruit to their normal breakfast routine, like cereal or a bagel.
  3. Cereals can get a bad rap. Adults may see it as something kids would eat and those sugary ones do nothing for your diet; however, there are cereals that are good for you and best of all, many of the popular favorites come in ready to eat bowls. These have a single serving of a normal bowl of cereal, usually around a cup and is about 100 to 200 calories (depending on the cereal). These are perfect for a quick breakfast, especially if you have an office with a breakroom. Also, some of these cereals are also good as finger foods that you can eat while at your desk, like Cheerios or Shredded Wheat.
  4. Yogurt is one of those seldom thought of great meals. And best of all, you can add a lot of things to yogurt. Yogurt is one of the main ingredients to smoothies; you can add fruit or granola to yogurt to make a tasty parfait; and you can also eat it just plain.

What About Fast Food?

Fast food should really be avoid if possible, but once in a while can be acceptable. The issue with going with fast food is the high calories, fats, sugars, and other combinations that could be detrimental to that of your diet. If you have to get fast food, go with the healthier prospects like salads. Even these can be a bit tricky, so make sure you don’t overload it with salad dressing or adding fries and a coke to the order.

Society is busy, but it should never be too busy to find time to make sure that the body is getting the nutrients it needs.


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