Gallbladder Disease: Foods to Eat which Help with Gallbladder Problems

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The gallbladder is a small organ located near the liver, that helps to store and collect bile– bile is an essential substance that helps to breakdown fat. Although the gallbladder does have an important function, it is not required for survival. People who have gallbladder problems often have to follow a particular diet. There are a variety of gallbladder disease foods to eat, which help prevent painful symptoms and discomfort caused from gallbladder attacks. This is why it is important to incorporate foods to eat with gallbladder disease.

Risk Factors

People who are overweight and eat a high fat, high cholesterol diet, are prone to developing gallbladder disease. Gallbladder disease also tends to strike people who have lost a significant amount of weight within a short time period. Heredity also tends to be a factor; however, there are certain gallbladder disease foods people can eat to help them control painful gallbladder symptoms. By incorporating foods to eat with gallbladder disease, a person can live a normal life with fewer gallbladder problems and outbreaks.

All Natural Gallbladder Disease Foods

Fresh fruits and vegetables - Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables can help you cope with gallbladder disease and its symptoms. These low fat and virtually fat free foods help give you the nutrients and vitamins your body needs without the added fat. Instead of reaching for a high fat, high sugar food, such as a candy bar or chocolate, try eating some bananas with chocolate syrup on top of them. This is a low fat, low calorie food with plenty of taste and nutrition.

Whole grains - Particularly whole wheat bread, brown rice, oats and bran cereal can help fill you up. Whole grains also help to curb hunger cravings, and give you the well-needed dietary fiber your body needs on a regular basis.

Lean meats - Skinless chicken breast, lean pork and lean red meats can be eaten everyday; however, always be sure to find meats with a low percentage of fat. For instance, try to buy hamburger meat that is 10% fat as opposed to 20% fat. The leaner the meat is, the easier it will be on your gallbladder.

Low fat dairy - This includes low fat milk, low fat cheese, and low fat cream cheese. Calcium is an important mineral for strong teeth and bones. In fact, calcium products that are lower in fat have more calcium then higher fat calcium products.

In order to prevent gallbladder problems and painful symptoms, it is essential to incorporate a variety of gallbladder disease foods to eat, such as all natural foods and low fat foods. There are a variety of tasty and nutritious foods to eat with gallbladder disease, which will have you feeling your very best when you eat them on a regular basis.