Learn More About Food Allergies that Cause Leg Rash

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Food allergies that cause leg rash are quite common in people who are vulnerable to food allergens. The person suffering from food allergy can experience mild symptoms to harsher ones, depending upon the food allergen that the person came in contact with. Usually, food allergy symptoms are visible over certain areas of the skin, such as the hands, face, and the legs.

Symptoms of Food Allergies That Cause Rash

Some typical symptoms of food allergies that cause leg rash are as follows:

  • Facial swelling, especially the tongue, throat and the lips.
  • Face looks flushed and there are visible red marks or hives on the legs.
  • Overwhelming feeling of anxiety and panic, making the person uncomfortable.
  • Experiencing stomach cramps and diarrhea tendencies.
  • Heart beat increases in extreme conditions and there is fall in the blood pressure, making the person lose consciousness.

Causes of Food Allergy Induced Leg Rash

Of course, the main cause is the consumption of those foods that causes the allergy. Several types of foods give rise to leg allergies and the person should be aware of the foods he / she should not consume. Tendency towards food allergies are visible since childhood only, so take note of all the allergy causing foods. Seafood, eggs, milk, peanuts, sulphite, wheat, sesame seeds, soy, and tree nut are the ‘likely’ allergy causing foods.

Other causes are -

  • Urticaria – Also known as hives, they are itchy and contribute to skin swelling.
  • Nausea and Vomiting – involuntary forceful extrusion of stomach contents.
  • Anaphylaxis – A sudden and acute atopic reaction, marked by respiratory distress and rapidly progressive urticaria.

Treatment of Food Allergies

There is no fixed or permanent treatment of food allergies. One can take precautions and the ideal precaution is to take note of allergy causing foods and avoid them. If one is unaware of allergy causing foods, then take regular allergy tests to establish sensitivity towards certain foods. Also, when you buy food products from the market, reading the ingredient labeling is essential. If ingredient labeling is not provided, contact the product manufacturer for details or simply buy another brand.

Another treatment is to avoid cross – reacting foods. This means that you should avoid those foods that react with each other and create food allergy. Such people are not allergic to one kind of food but also its similar ones.

In severe food allergy cases, adrenaline auto injector is recommended when there are chances of the person going into anaphylactic shock. Without any delays, the patient should be immediately taken to the emergency ward.

Other treatments for food allergies that cause leg rash are change in diet, antihistamines, immunotherapy, bronchodilators, digestive enzymes, and betaine hydrochloride and adrenaline injections. Consult a medical practitioner for detailed guidance.



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