Fibromyalgia is characterized by a dull aching pain, as well as pain from pressure applied to certain points. The causes of firbromyalgia are not yet known, but could include a variety of factors, both genetic and environmental. In addition to pain, symptoms can also include fatigue and sleep disturbances. Learn your risk factors and get tested by your doctor. Also find information on the treatment and management of pain, living and coping with the condition.

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  • Electric Shock Sensations in Relation to Fibromyalgia
    Fibromyalgia is a debilitating painful and frustrating disease that has many symptoms. Electric shock sensations in relation to fibromyalgia are a particularly nasty symptom, giving one the feeling of being wired up to a pulsating electric supply producing jerks and twitches in the body.
  • Learning About Fibromyalgia Symptoms
    Fibromyalgia can affect multiple areas of the body, causing several different types of symptoms. Learning about these symptoms can help patients to better understand and manage them.
  • The Use of a Raw Diet to Control Fibromyalgia
    Fibromyalgia is an often misunderstood condition in the medical field. Because of this, people are turning to alternative therapies to treat the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. Among these natural remedies include the use of a raw foods diet.
  • Common Pain Points in Patients With Fibromyalgia
    Fibromyalgia patients experience fatigue, pain and other symptoms. One of the most common symptoms is the presence of pain at specific points in the body. Doctors pay close attention to pain points in fibromyalgia patients, as they can help determine the best treatments and therapies.
  • Best Natural Treatments for Fibromyalgia
    Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by musculoskeletal pain. Chiropractic treatment and massage therapy are among the best fibromyalgia natural treatment options. Acupuncture and stress management are two more natural treatments for fibromyalgia.
  • The Use of Yoga to Manage Fibromyalgia Pain
    Yoga for fibromyalgia offers a way to manage your fibromyalgia symptoms and provide relief from the pain caused by this chronic health condition. Yoga manages its symptoms on several fronts while providing other health benefits.
  • Association Between Viral Infection and Fibromyalgia
    Is there an association between fibromyalgia and viral infection? Some experts think so, but has it ever been proven? If so, what viruses cause it? Find out more about about a possible connection between these two diseases.
  • OTC Treatment Options for Fibromyalgia
    Fibromyalgia is a chronic, relapsing condition that affects many young women. It is characterized by fatigue and increased sensitivity to pain that is often difficult to diagnose and treat. Learn more about fibromyalgia OTC treatments that are helpful to conventional therapy.
  • Fibromyalgia and Balance Problems
    Fibromyalgia is a debilitating disease causing pain and suffering to many people. Symptoms include muscle pain, fatigue, sleeplessness, short-term memory loss, dizzy spells and balance problems. Fibromyalgia and balance problems are often related.
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