Eye Diseases, Eyesight & Vision Problems

Keeping your eyes health and your vision clear should be a top priority. Not only is clear vision necessary to your quality of life, problems with your eyes should never be ignored as they can indicate serious illnesses. Read articles on keeping your eyes healthy, symptoms of eye diseases and infections and know when to see your optometrist for more information.

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  • How to Treat Eye Floaters
    Are you looking for treatment options for eye floaters? There are medications that can help, as well as surgery, and laser treatment to remove annoying floaters in the eyes.
  • Get Rid of Eye Floaters Naturally
    Do you have trouble with eye floaters? Did you know there are certain vitamins that may help? Find out which vitamins that can help you manage this problem.
  • Steroid Treatment for Optic Neuritis
    The use of steroids for patients with optic neuritis remains controversial, because of the lack of long term protection against vision loss; however it is still being used to reduce inflammation of the optic nerve and to improve vision. Learn more about optic neuritis and its treatment.
  • A Guide to Retinal Necrosis Syndrome
    Retinal necrosis is an eye infection caused by common viruses. This infection can threaten vision and needs to be treated promptly, because serious complications can occur.
  • Causes of Optic Nerve Atrophy
    Optic nerve atrophy occurs when the optic nerve becomes damaged and begins to deteriorate. As a result, vision becomes threatened, if the condition is untreated. Determining the underlying cause of the damage is essential for maintaining sight.
  • Neurology Problems That Cause Photophobia
    Photophobia is an unusual sensitivity to and aversion of the eyes to bright light. It is often a symptom of another condition or local eye problem. It can also be a side effect of drug intake. Find out more about photophobia and when it may be related to neurology problems.
  • Eye Twitching After Cataract Surgery
    Cataract surgery is a common surgical procedure performed on over 1.5 million Americans annually. Although it is a simple eye operation done under minimal anesthesia and lasts for a less than an hour, a few temporary complications do occur. Learn more about cataract surgery and eye twitching.
  • The Use of Atropine Eye Drops to Treat Uveitis
    Uveitis is an inflammation of the inner lining of the eye that can cause severe pain and loss of vision. Treatment comes in the form of pain relievers, antibiotics and steroids. Learn more about the role of atropine eye drops in the treatment of uveitis and how these are used properly.
  • Signs and Symptoms of Optic Neuritis
    Optic neuritis symptoms occur when the optic nerve becomes inflamed. Common symptoms of this condition include pain and vision loss. Certain complications can occur from this condition.
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