Eye Diseases, Eyesight & Vision Problems

Keeping your eyes health and your vision clear should be a top priority. Not only is clear vision necessary to your quality of life, problems with your eyes should never be ignored as they can indicate serious illnesses. Read articles on keeping your eyes healthy, symptoms of eye diseases and infections and know when to see your optometrist for more information.

Steroid Induced Glaucoma

Steroids are used to treat different inflammatory ailments of the eye, including chorioretinal inflammation, uveitis, vernal catarrh and keratitis. After prolonged use, however, the medication can cause further complications in the form of steroid induced glaucoma.

Eye Twitching and Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a common surgical procedure performed on over 1.5 million Americans annually. Although it is a simple eye operation done under minimal anesthesia and lasts for a less than an hour, a few temporary complications do occur. Learn more about cataract surgery and eye twitching.