Ear, Nose & Throat Conditions

Otolaryngology is the branch of medicine that deals with eye, nose and throat conditions. If you have an ear infection or ear ache, a sore in your mouth or a scratchy throat you may want to examine your symptoms and find out how to cure your condition. Find out if your symptom is an indication of something serious or can be cured with natural remedies.

What Causes Laryngitis?

What causes laryngitis? Laryngitis is really more of a symptom than an actual illness. It can also be seen as a possible complication of many different medical problems. The causes are rather numerous and each may require a slightly different treatment approach.

Antibiotics for Ear Infection Treatment

The three main ear infections are: acute otitis media, otitis media with effusion, and otitis externa (also known as Swimmer’s Ear). Occasionally, ear infections can be painful or even agonizing. Treatment with antibiotics for ear infection can quickly clear up many of these problems.

What is Strep Throat?

Strep throat is a common childhood condition that many experience while still in school. It is essential that you learn when a sore throat may be more than just a pain, as strep throat needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible.

Pain Management After Tonsillectomy

Inadequate pain management after tonsil surgery can lead to problems or complications, such as nausea, vomiting, poor hydration, sleep disturbance and behavioral changes, especially in children. Learn how to relieve pain after tonsillectomy and avoid these undesired situations.