Drug & Latex Allergies

Allergies to drugs and medicine such as aspirin or penicillin can be quite severe and even fatal. Latex allergy, whether from gloves or other products containing latex, can appear as a skin rash, or have severe effects including anaphylactic shock. Find out if you’re allergic, learn how to protect yourself and what to do in case of a reaction.

Allergic Reaction to Amalgam

There is a lot to think about when taking a trip to the dentist for a filling, but one thing you may not think about is if you will have an allergic reaction to amalgam fillings. This allergic reaction is uncommon but does happen from time to time.

Allergic Reaction to Antibiotics

Can the symptoms you’re showing be due to an allergic reaction to antibiotics? What’s the difference between an cytotoxic reaction and cell mediated reaction? Can the reaction be delayed? Preview a list of the most common allergy causing drugs.
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