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Experiencing digestive distress? Symptoms including bloating, gas and nausea could indicate a number of digestive disorders including gastritis, appendicitis, esophagitis and more. Check your symptoms and find more information on the risk factors, causes, diagnosis and treatment of various digestive conditions and disorders.

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  • Surgical Options for Hemorrhoid Treatment
    Are there any surgical treatments for hemorrhoids? There are a few treatments that can be done when less invasive treatments have failed to provide relief.
  • Laser Removal of Hemorrhoids
    Hemorrhoids are commonly treated using surgery or medication. It is possible, however, to conduct laser hemorrhoid removal. By using a laser there are less complications and decreased risk of infection.
  • Natural Remedies for Treating Umbilical Hernias
    Although umbilical hernias typically occur in infants, adults can also develop them if they are overweight, pregnant or have excess fluid in the abdomen. Surgery is generally recommended to repair the hernia, but there are natural remedies that can be used to treat or prevent them from recurring.
  • Types of Hernia Repair
    Shouldice hernia repair is a method of bringing the edges of muscle together and clamping it to cure a herniation. Tension-free hernia repair involves the uses of a mesh to create a patch. In some instances, shouldice vs tension-free hernia repair is recommended in curing a hernia.
  • Diarrhea While Traveling: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention
    If you’ve ever had stomach troubles while on vacation, chances are that you’ve contracted travelers’ diarrhea somewhere along the line. Find out why this condition is so common, especially in locations you’ve never visited before.
  • Swollen Stomaches Resulting from Intestinal Surgery
    There are numerous conditions that can cause a swollen stomach after intestinal surgery. If someone retains fluid due to liver or kidney disease, their stomach can swell. Even certain infections of the abdomen can lead to someone developing a distended stomach.
  • The Link Between Acid Reflux and Sleep Apnea
    Learn about the causes and treatment options for obstructive sleep apnea and the possible correlation between sleep apnea and acid reflux complications. Become familiar with associated symptoms and how sleep apnea can affect your health.
  • What Your Pancreas Might Be Trying to Tell You
    Pancreatitis symptoms signal inflammation and infection of the pancreas, a painful and serious problem. Knowing what symptoms are a sign of pancreatitis help you find out when you should visit a doctor to prevent the problem from getting out of hand.
  • What Causes Pancreatitis in Adults?
    Pancreatitis has a variety of causes. Some have to do with lifestyle habits, while others have to do with medical conditions that may be out of your control. Find out how you might be able to prevent or reduce the possibility of getting pancreatitis.
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