How to Compare Meal Delivery Diets? Review of Diet Meal Delivery Plans

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What are Diet Meal Delivery Plans?

With diet food delivery plans, you just need to place your order and your food is delivered at your doorstep fresh or frozen. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered at your home or you can just choose to select those occasional gourmet lunches and dinners. Let’s compare meal delivery diets and see what could work best for you.

Diet-To-Go Meal Delivery Diet

Meals by Diet-To-Go are freshly prepared and no preservatives, salt, or flavor-enhancers are added. Your entire food for a week is packed in dry ice, placed in a Styrofoam cooler and then shipped to your home. You can also pick your order if you have a center near your home.

Diet-To-Go offers three meal plans, traditional low-fat, vegetarian low-fat and low-carb. The low-fat plans provide 50% carbs, 25% protein and 25% fat. All the meals are low in calories, sodium and cholesterol. You can also select how many calories (1200 or 1600) you want per day.

A seven day 1200 calorie meal plan with 21 meals (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner) will cost you around $128.99, that is, only around $18 per day.

Ediets Deliciously Yours

This diet meal delivery program is available with or without the very famous Ediets online weight loss program. The plan offers chef-prepared fresh food with no added preservatives or trans fat. The low-glycemic index foods make these meals quite healthy and perfect for diabetics. Ediets claim of losing 10 pounds in five weeks or two pounds in a week is also fairly reasonable and healthy.

You also get access to live support from registered dietitians and personal fitness trainers. A custom fitness plan and a chance to be a part of a social networking community is also another advantage of choosing this meal delivery diet.

There are about 100 plus meals to choose from. An Ediets Deliciously Yours 7-day meal plan with 28 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or dessert) costs around $20 a day.

BistroMD Meal Delivery Diet Plan

One of the best things about the BistroMD diet meal delivery is that the person behind it is a board-certified bariatric physician who has been helping people lose weight for more than 15 years. Her name is Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist and her plan became more popular when it featured on Dr. Phil’s show.

The meals are focused on providing approximately 1100-1400 calories per day. About 40-45% of these calories come from proteins and 30-35% from carbohydrates. The foods are low-glycemic foods, which makes them perfect for people with type 2 diabetes.

There are over 100 menu items and there is a new menu each week for six weeks. The meals are quite gourmet which makes dieting fun.

A BistroMD program costs around $22.85 per day for a 7-day plan and you also get access to their expert dietitians, weekly newsletters and program materials.

Medifast Meal Delivery Diet

If you want to lose weight fast, choose Medifast meals. It can help you lose 2-5 pounds each week. The meals are low-fat as well as low-glycemic.

The plan known as the 5 & 1 plan involves eating six times a day, every 2-3 hours. Five of the meals are Medifast meals whereas the sixth meal is ‘lean and green meal’. The lean and green meal is self-prepared and basically includes lean proteins such as chicken, turkey or fish and steamed or raw vegetables.

The Medifast meal plan is quite inexpensive and costs only around $11 per day.

Nutrisystem Diet Meal Delivery Program

Nutrisystem is another low-glycemic index meal delivery diet safe for diabetics. In fact, it offers a Nutrisystem D program that is specifically designed for people with type 2 diabetes. It also offers different meal delivery plans for men and women, for people above the age of 65, and for vegetarians.

The program focuses on eating low glycemic index foods, in small portions, five to six times a day. The foods include both gourmet and fresh-frozen cuisine.

The Nutrisystem diet meal delivery plan has a selection of more than 150 entrees and desserts and is quite affordable. It costs only around $332 per month or around $11 per day.

How to Compare Meal Delivery Diets?

If you are looking for gourmet foods, BistroMD may be a good choice for you, not to mention that it is designed by a physician who has worked in the weight management arena for many years. However, it is slightly expensive than the others.

Ediets Deliciously Yours is backed by its certified weight loss program and provides a range of dishes along with a fitness plan tailor-made for your body. If you are a vegetarian, Ediets has a wide range of vegetarian dishes and Nutrisystem has a special diet meal delivery plan for you.

If money is an issue, Medifast and Nutrisystem are more suitable options compared to the others mentioned above. If losing weight quickly is what you are looking for, then you may consider Medifast.

You may want to compare other meal delivery diets with the ones mentioned above, however, make sure that you choose a program that is backed by a team of registered dietitians and includes a healthy range of foods.


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