The Signs & Diagnosis of Autism & Other PDD Disorders

Pervasive developmental disorders span a wide spectrum, affecting children and adults in many different ways depending on the specific diagnosis and the severity of the condition. For children, early diagnosis can be a crucial step in helping the child develop skills and abilities to reach his or her's full potential.  Here you can find articles on early warning signs and how to spot and seek diagnosis and treatment for Autism and other forms of PDD.

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  • Teaching Autistic Children about Religion
    Is religion an important part of your life, and something that you wish to share with a child with autism? This can be a difficult journey, but utilizing the proper teaching tools can make it a fruitful one.
  • What is Rett Syndrome?
    They are often mistaken for each other initially, but Rett syndrome and autism are two very distinct conditions. Find out how Rett syndrome is different from autism in this article.
  • Academic Challenges and Strategies for Children with Non-Verbal Learning Disorder
    In order to identify what are the academic challenges of children with non-verbal learning disorder (NVLD), it’s important to understand that NVLD is not the same as Asperger’s syndrome, or being unable to speak. NVLD affects the language and communication process, interfering with comprehension.
  • Spotlight on Autistic Symptoms
    What are the symptoms of autism? This article examines some of the classic symptoms of the disorder and how they may present themselves.
  • How Autistic Adults Can Develop their Job Skills
    Individuals with autism have difficulties finding and maintaining employment. To compensate for both these challenges and those of the disorder, these individuals need explicit instruction in acquiring workplace skills. Keep reading to learn how to encourage job skills for an autistic adult.
  • Evaluating Your Autistic Child's TV Habits
    The American Academy of Pediatrics sets limits on televsion watching for typical children. What about children with autism? Is TV bad for autistic children? Read to find out more on watching TV and its potential for effect on autistic children.
  • The Symptoms of High Functioning Autism in Adults
    High functioning autism in adults is characterized by a number of specific symptoms. While some adults with the disorder find employment and marry, their behavior patterns will reveal their autism in daily life. Find out more with this look at the symptoms of high functioning autism in adults.
  • Helping Autistic Children Through the Teen Years
    Teenage years are stormy at the best of times and autism can add to the raft of problems. Read on to find out more about autistic teenagers and how they can cope with the challenges they face.
  • The Extraordinary Abilities of Autistic Savants and Non-Savants
    Are all autistic individuals blessed with a special gift or talent? Keep reading to learn more about autistic savants and talented autistic individuals.
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