Diabetes Nutrition & Exercise

Proper nutrition and exercise are important elements of both diabetes prevention, and treatment of the disease. Learn tips on changing your diet, what foods to avoid, healthy recipes and other crucial information on a good diet for diabetes. Also find tips on incorporating exercise into your routine including information on what’s safe for you to do.

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  • Delicious Recipes for Gestational Diabetes
    Gestational diabetes is a condition characterized by high blood-sugar levels during pregnancy. In order to maintain a healthy pregnancy, special precautions must be taken in regard to one's diet. Learn about the right foods to eat and review a sample diet for gestational diabetes.
  • The Most Balanced Meal Plans for Diabetes
    Eating with diabetes can be an overwhelming task. Meal plans that provide a vitamin-packed low-fat diet with high quality carbohydrates are the best diabetic meal plans. Make your food choices carefully to reduce the risk of dangerous side effects from diabetes.
  • Why Does My Blood Sugar Level Spike After I Exercise?
    Why does blood sugar spike after exercising? Blood sugar fuels activity, so it would only make sense that when you increase the demand, the body will respond accordingly. Part of the reason lies in the body's response to stress.
  • Planning a Healthy Diabetic Menu
    Using a planner to create a diabetic menu for meals and snacks can be helpful in controlling blood sugar levels, reducing weight and preventing the complications of the disease. Learn the different practical methods of planning a diabetic diet and find out out which one is suitable for you.
  • Planning a 1800 Calorie Menu
    Learn how to plan a menu for a 1800 calorie diet using exchanges and carbohydrate counting methods. This diet plan is designed for reducing weight, decreasing the risk for diabetes type 2 and lowering blood sugar levels.
  • The Best Breakfast Menu for Diabetes
    Are you diabetic and wondering what to add to your breakfast menu? Let's examine a few common sense nutrition guidelines, and learn how to use food exchange lists to prepare healthy breakfasts for diabetics. For your convenience, four breakfast ideas are included.
  • Diabetic Meal Suggestions
    Diabetic meal suggestions are very helpful for anyone who wants to know how to keep their blood sugars stable while having a tasty treat. Meal suggestions give you more freedom to take control of your health while limiting the types of foods that are bad for you.
  • Exercise and Diet for Diabetes Patients
    Making healthy life choices, such as following a proper diabetes exercise and diet regimen, plays a crucial role in managing diabetes. In some cases, you can even reverse type 2 diabetes following a proper and healthy lifestyle.
  • Weight Loss Diets for People With Diabetes
    Eating healthy is an important component to managing diabetes and diabetes weight loss diets can help keep blood sugar levels under control. Some people find success with low carb diets like the Atkins or South Beach diets, while others find they do better with a more individualized plan.
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