Diabetes Complications

Diabetes is a serious condition that can result in other medical complications if left untreated. Some common complications of diabetes include foot ulcers, infections, kidney and cardiovascular disease, even amputation. Learn more about proper treatment of diabetes, prevention of complications, surgical and other treatments for comorbid disorders.

Methotrexate and High Blood Sugar Readings

Methotrexate is a drug that is used to treat autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. It is a drug with many potential side effects. Those with pre-existing diabetes must track their blood sugar readings carefully, since methotrexate will sometimes affect sugar levels.

Type 1 Diabetes Risk for Hormonal Disorders

With type 1 diabetes the risk for hormonal disorders becomes evident. The condition appears when production of insulin in the body is sharply reduced by loss of beta cells in the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. Insulin is an essential hormone that regulates sugar (glucose) content in the blood

Does Diabetes Cause ED?

Does diabetes cause ED? Understand the connection between diabetes and erectile dysfunction. Learn about the causes, how to get a proper diagnosis and what treatment plans are available to provide relief.

Stress Related Diabetes Complications

Stress is an important risk factor in developing complications from diabetes. Although stress is a normal part of life, diabetics may not handle overwhelming physical and emotional challenges well because hormonal mechanisms are defective. Learn more about stress and diabetes.

The Link Between A1c Levels and Retinopathy

The link between A1c levels and retinopathy is quite clear. A higher A1c leads to higher levels of diabetic complications. However, other health factors such as blood lipids, blood pressure and the standard deviation of blood sugar also play a role in the progression of complications.