Dancing for Fitness

Here you’ll find review on dancing workout DVDs, guides on how to find local dance classes, and how certain dances are benefiticial to your health. Here you’ll find your fair share of dancing for fitness reviews, articles, guides and more.

Get Fit With Aerobic Dance Workouts

Trusted fitness and health organizations recommend doing regular aerobic workouts to maintain health and fitness. But that doesn’t have to mean working out in the gym–you can also build aerobic fitness through all kinds of dance.

Basic Tips and Exercises to Improve Ballet Pirouettes

Pirouette is French for “spinning top.” Simply spinning is not enough, learn how to spin with grace and control. Discover tips and exercises to improve ballet pirouettes in this article. Proper warm ups are extremely important, as is mastering the basics and developing a strong core.

Effective List of Ballet Moves to do at Home

When you need an effective exercise routine, consider this list of ballet fitness moves to do at home. Ballet dancers are toned and strong. Their lean look comes from focused moves that work from the inside out. Try this set and see what ballet can do for you.

Discover African Dance for Physical Fitness

Discover African dance as a way to maintain cardio fitness and keep interested in exercise. Learn about the aerobic dance explosion and how African dance fits in. Examine African dance origins and influences and find out about a few types of African dance exercise programs.

List of Exercises to Improve Balance in Ballet

Ballet is a dance of self discipline requiring commitment, dedication, patience and practice. Key to the dancer’s success is outstanding balance. Whether a new student or seasoned dancer, this article offers exercises to improve balance in ballet and gain greater ability and improved technique.

10 Minute Solution: Dance Off Belly Fat

“10 Minute Solution: Dance Off Belly Fat” is a new addition to the 10 Minute Solution series produced by Anchor Bay Entertainment. While this video may be more challenging for some than past dance titles in the series, instructor Petra Kolber offers an easy and quick way for most people to exercise.