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Here you'll find review on dancing workout DVDs, guides on how to find local dance classes, and how certain dances are benefiticial to your health. Here you'll find your fair share of dancing for fitness reviews, articles, guides and more.

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  • The Health Benefits of Ballet Dancing
    Whether your goal is to stay fit, expand your mind or improve your well being (or all of the above!), ballet has tremendous benefits for all. Combining flexibility, muscle work and cardiovascular movement, ballet is a sure way to get into shape.
  • Lose Weight and/or Build Muscle Through Ballet
    Traditional ballet isn't meant for weight loss, so it's intrinsic to your weight loss plan to create your own workout schedule. In addition to cardio movements, one must develop muscle and flexibility.
  • Dance Off the Calories With Zumba: Have Fun While Getting Fit
    Zumba, a Latin-inspired dance workout, helps you burn calories as you have fun with friends. It has the potential to be a great calorie-burning tool as you challenge yourself to improve.
  • Tips and Exercises to Improve Ballet Pirouettes
    Pirouette is French for "spinning top." Simply spinning is not enough, learn how to spin with grace and control. Discover tips and exercises to improve ballet pirouettes in this article. Proper warm ups are extremely important, as is mastering the basics and developing a strong core.
  • Belly Dance With Veil: A Graceful Way to Develop Core Strength
    Want to have a dancer’s body? “Belly Dance With Veil” will help you get it if you've already got some belly dance chops.
  • Waltz Your Way into Shape
    Ballroom dancing is more than just a social event. It's a way to get in shape. You can firm your muscles and tone your body by making this dance a regular routine.
  • Review: Boogie Superstar Game for Nintendo Wii Console
    My family recently bought a Wii, thinking it would help us to be more active. Happily, we've found that it's working so far. Since we look for games that keep us moving, we recently picked up Boogie Superstar by EA Games and gave it a shot.
  • How to Country Dance With Line Dances
    Want to learn how to country dance? Here are a few steps and tips to get you started with easy line dances.
  • Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease - In the Bedroom
    Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease - In the Bedroom DVD is a fun and sexy workout complete with a yogic warmup, and a lot of fun dance moves that can be done on or around a bed.
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