Colon Cancer

Learn what causes colon cancer or colorectal cancer and know the risk factors and warning signs. If you are over the age of 50, it is recommended you get screened for colorectal cancer every year. Learn what a colon polyp is, how a colonoscopy works and other important information.

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  • Curability of Colon Cancer
    Colon cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. How many patients survive this disease and what are the factors involved with these numbers?
  • Treatment Options for Metastatic Colon Cancer
    When colon cancer has spread to distant sites in the body, it is known as metastatic colon cancer. The support from family members and medical team is indeed crucial during the metastatic colon cancer treatment.
  • Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer
    There are seven chemotherapy drugs that are approved for the treatment of colon cancer. Learn more about them and how they work to overcome the disease.
  • An Overview of Primary Malignant Melanoma of the Colon
    Primary malignant melanoma of the colon is very rare but can occur. Learn about this disease, including symptoms, risk factors, diagnostic tests, treatment options and outcome.
  • Herbal Treatment Options for Bowel Cancer
    When thinking about herbal treatments for bowel cancer there are some things to consider such as side effects, cost, and insurance coverage. Come discover some natural remedies to help prevent or contain bowel cancer.
  • An Overview of the Treatment Costs for Colon Cancer
    Colorectal cancer is the second major cause of cancer death and the third most common melanoma in the United States, behind lung and breast cancer. It is therefore, important to know the cost of treatments for colon cancer and the various treatment options.
  • Colon Cancer Survivability Information
    Learn about the etiology, presentation, treatment, and colon cancer survivability of the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in the U.S.
  • An Overview of Stage IV Colon Cancer
    Stage IV colon cancer is the most severe form of colon cancer. The cancer has spread from the colon to other parts of the body, and the five year survival rate is 8-15 percent. Treatment options include surgical removal of the tumor or colon, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Signs and Symptoms of Colon Cancer in Women
    Colon cancer symptoms in women are often overlooked by the sufferer because of embarrassment or denial. Early diagnosis and treatment offer the best prognosis for successful treatment.
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