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What’s normal and what’s not? Find out if you’re experiencing normal sadness or if you could be clinically depressed. Learn the facts on depression and other mood disorders including underlying causes, genetic factors and other medical reasons for depression. There is no shame in feeling depressed and depression can be cured by many different treatment methods.

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  • The Influences and Work of Psychologist John Bowlby
    Psychologists have studied and learned much about the mental health and development of infants and young children. Most of this research began with the pioneering work of John Bowlby, developer of the attachment theory.
  • Does Depression Run in Families?
    Genetics play a major role in many diseases and illnesses. From diabetes to high blood pressure there is a clear link between these illnesses and heredity. But is depression hereditary? This is a question that has many medical clinics scrambling to find an answer.
  • Searching for the Genetic Basis of Depression
    Genes are the blueprints that code many of the processes in our bodies, including the regulation of brain chemicals that play a role in the development of depression. Although no single depression gene has been found, several have been identified that may confer risk of clinical depression.
  • Insight into the Monoamine Hypothesis of Depression
    Our understanding of the cause of depression and the treatments that are now offered have their basis in the monoamine hypothesis of depression.
  • Insight into the Causes of Clinical Depression
    Clinical depression is more than just the blues. It is a chronic and debilitating mental disorder that is believed to result from a combination of multiple causes. Personality patterns, genetics and life events are all thought to play a role.
  • Depressions Specific to Women
    Some cases of depression only appear in women and are known to correspond with childbirth, menstruation, menopause or other hormone imbalances. Here are some of the known reasons. . .
  • Spotlight on the Causes of Depression
    Depression is one of the most common mood disorders. The condition has a biological basis, but is usually spurred by environmental triggers.
  • Understanding Evolutionary Approaches to Depression
    Depression is something of an evolutionary mystery. Such a dangerous disorder should have been weeded out by natural selection. That it hasn't has led some evolutionary psychologists to believe that it has a benefit and this knowledge is guiding some treatments.
  • Does Byetta Cause Depression?
    Byetta is a drug used to treat type 2 diabetes, but diabetes discussion boards have posited the idea that using Byetta causes depression. Byetta can have some nasty side effects which may contribute to depression, but what is behind the Byetta depression? Is it the drug, the disease, or both?
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