Causes & Diagnosis

What’s normal and what’s not? Find out if you’re experiencing normal sadness or if you could be clinically depressed. Learn the facts on depression and other mood disorders including underlying causes, genetic factors and other medical reasons for depression. There is no shame in feeling depressed and depression can be cured by many different treatment methods.

John Bowlby and Attachment Theory

Psychologists have studied and learned much about the mental health and development of infants and young children. Most of this research began with the pioneering work of John Bowlby, developer of the attachment theory.

Byetta Depression: Does Byetta Cause Depression?

Byetta is a drug used to treat type 2 diabetes, but diabetes discussion boards have posited the idea that using Byetta causes depression. Byetta can have some nasty side effects which may contribute to depression, but what is behind the Byetta depression? Is it the drug, the disease, or both?

The Signs of Depression in Men

While they tend to be quiet about their symptoms, men do suffer from depression. Their symptoms differ from women and they may cope with their problems in other ways, such as with alcohol. Learn about the symptoms of depression in men.
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