Autism: Causes

What causes autism? There is much ongoing research and debate into the causes of autism, from vaccinations, genetics and other factors. Read articles and info about the causes of autism and autism spectrum disorders. Also, discover symptoms and early signs of the disorder and how it's diagnosed.

Exploring the Causes of Low functioning Autism

There is much research, speculation and controversy over the causes of low functioning autism, especially since rates have been soaring. However, although the etiology of autism disorders is uncertain, it is confirmed that genetics play a role.

What is the Autism Crisis? Does it Really Exist?

You may have heard about the autism crisis, the epidemic of autism that is supposedly sweeping through the western world. But what is the autism crisis? And does it definitely exist? Read on for a clear explanation of both sides of the autism epidemic controversy.

What Are the Causes of Autism? Are We Closer to Knowing?

Families and professionals alike continue to ponder what are the causes of autism. Ongoing research by numerous professionals seeks to uncover conclusive answers that may bring us closer to knowing why autism occurs, how to treat those afflicted by it, and how to prevent new cases of autism.

Why is Autism More Common in Boys? Causes & Theories

Autism statistics show that four times as many boys than girls are diagnosed with the disorder. There are several theories as to why autism in boys appears to be more prevalent than autism in girls. These theories involve both genetic factors and differences in how each gender displays symptoms.