Autism: Causes

What causes autism? There is much ongoing research and debate into the causes of autism, from vaccinations, genetics and other factors. Read articles and info about the causes of autism and autism spectrum disorders. Also, discover symptoms and early signs of the disorder and how it's diagnosed.

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  • What are the Characteristics of High Functioning Autism?
    Not all individuals with autism have the same symptoms. The autistic spectrum ranges from mild to severe. Learn about the characteristics of high functioning autism
  • How are Brain Damage and Autism Connected?
    The connection between brain injury and autism is somewhat vague. Does brain injury cause autism? Does autism cause changes in the brain? Or are the two related to a completely different disorder? Researchers -- and vaccine courts -- are still trying to figure it all out.
  • Thimerosal and MMR Vaccinations: Is there a Relationship to Autism?
    Do vaccines cause autism? Thousands of parents of autistic children are sure that they do. However, research does not agree. Studies show that vaccines do not cause autism, regardless of whatever anecdotal evidence parents might bring.
  • Autism and the Brain: Structural Differences
    Science has studied the human brain for hundreds of years and with the latest technology is able to see the structural differences between people with autism and people without autism.
  • Do Pesticides Contribute to Autism?
    Is there truly a link between autism and pesticides? Preliminary research seems to suggest that a link does exist, but experts say to sit tight until we learn more about what that link might be.
  • What is Behind Aggressive Autistic Behavior?
    Autism behavior is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. This article focuses on autism and children and the behaviors they exhibit. Use this article to better understand why autistic children exhibit aggressive behaviors.
  • Exploring the Causes of Low Functioning Autism
    There is much research, speculation and controversy over the causes of low functioning autism, especially since rates have been soaring. However, although the etiology of autism disorders is uncertain, it is confirmed that genetics play a role.
  • The Chromosomal Errors that Cause Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Read about the most common chromosomal errors and abnormalities that can cause an autism spectrum disorder. Is autism caused by one error or many? Find out here.
  • Relationships Between Vaccines, Mitochondrial Disease and Autism
    There's a growing concern that mitochondrial disease and autism are connected. Research new and old has shed some light on possible connections between mitochondrial disease, autism, and vaccines. These two disorders have been commonly linked to regressions as well.
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