Bulimia Nervosa

Those who suffer from the eating disorder Bulimia Nervosa experience episodes of binge eating followed by purging. The desire to lose weight and an unhealthy body image causes sufferers to purge by induced vomiting, using laxatives or other methods. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment for Bulimia Nervosa, including advice and tips for those in recovery, how to spot warning signs and help a loved one suffering from the disorder.

Five Pieces of Advice for Bulimics

As someone who struggles with bulimia, you may feel like overcoming your eating disorder is impossible. But take heart! These five pieces of advice for bulimics can help you take control of your eating habits and your life.

The Effects of Being Bulimic: Physical and Psychological

Many of us are familiar with the urge to rummage our fridge for food when we feel lonely, bored or just plain stressed. For bulimics the now-and-then feeling of indulging is more like a compulsion. They succumb to their impulses to overeat and are then riddled with guilt so they purge dangerously.

Am I Bulimic? Take the Quiz

Have you ever asked yourself honestly, “Am I bulimic?” The checklist in this article can help you answer whether the issues you’ve been noticing are actually red flags for bulimia.

Exploring the History of Bulimia

Bulimia is a relatively new disorder. Even though the Romans and other ancient cultures regularly feasted and purged, that practice is not the same as bulimia today. This article discusses the history of bulimia from ancient purging practices to the modern evolution of the eating disorder.

Bulimic Behavior Patterns

Bulimia is known as an eating disorder. It’s now known that eating disorders are more often a result of personal and/or social problems and not related to food choices. Many bulimic behavior patterns are not about food, but instead, about other feelings the bulimic doesn’t know how to deal with.

Teenage Bulimia Facts Page 1 of 2

Teens gain body fat during puberty. Some teens, fearful of this change develop eating disorders. Bulimia is one such eating disorder where the teen eats large amounts of food in a short period and then purges the food by vomiting or taking laxatives. Read on for top ten facts about teenage bulimia.