Brain Cancer & Tumors

Brain tumors can be diagnosed at any age. Not all brain tumors are cancerous and some can be safely removed or treated. Find out the types of brain tumors, symptoms, causes and treatment methods including brain surgery.

Early Symptoms of Brain Cancer

Cancer that affects the brain has noticeable symptoms. Some of the early symptoms of brain cancer include increased number of headaches, nausea, vomiting and vision problems. Additional symptoms of brain tumors include speech difficulties, confusion and changes in personality or behavior.

Acoustic Neuroma Surgery

Acoustic neuromas are non-cancerous but may cause hearing loss and dizziness. Acoustic neuroma surgery is recommended as the tumors get larger. Learn about the different surgical options for this type of tumor.

An Overview of Low Grade Astrocytoma

Low grade astrocytoma is an uncommon brain tumor that needs to be monitored cautiously to observe any changes. When the treatment is unavoidable, the doctor may advise surgical removal or shrinking of the tumor using radiotherapy.
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