Birth Control

Learn the different types of birth control available to you including their effectiveness and side effects. Birth control can come in the form of a pill, a shot or other options. Research the many kinds available to find the best choice for you and your needs.

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  • Herbs to Help Balance Hormones After Taking Birth Control Pills
    For some women it may take three months or more for a normal period to resume. Herbs can help with returning to a state of hormone balance after stopping the pill.
  • Statistics on Oral Contraceptive Complications
    The oral contraceptive complication statistics show that for the most part these drugs are safe with few side effects. However, some women may experience health issues if they have other risk factors for complications such as smoking.
  • A List of Monophasic Birth Control Pills
    What are the different birth control pills and what causes them to have less side effects compared to the other types of oral contraceptives? Here is a list of a few monophasic birth control pills, as well as their components and uses.
  • A Guide to Bilateral Tubal Ligation
    The tubal ligation procedure is used as a permanent form of birth control by severing the fallopian tubes. This surgery is considered to be effective but there are certain risks and complications involved.
  • Yeast Infections and Taking Oral Contraceptives
    Can taking birth control pills cause yeast infections? How do the components that make up birth control pills affect the production and overgrowth of yeast in different parts of the body? Find out more about the link between oral contraceptives and yeast infections.
  • A Ranking of Oral Contraceptives by the Strength of Their Hormone Content
    Combined oral contraceptives have varying hormone strength that is determined by the amount of hormones in the pill. This ranking of oral contraceptives by hormone strength provides an idea on the potency of each pill, as well as their estrogen and progestin activity.
  • Failure of Tubal Ligation Procedures
    Tubal ligation failure is rare but it can occur if unforeseen complications occur or the procedure wasn't conducted properly. The risk of failure can be decreased with precautionary tips.
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Your Tubes Tied
    Are you thinking about getting your tubes tied? Here we will provide you a detailed guide on tubal ligation.
  • Side Effects of the Mirena IUD
    Mirena IUD side effects are generally mild and severe complications are rare. Common side effects include irregular or heavy bleeding and ectopic pregnancy.
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