Bioinformatics involves the application of computer science to biological and medical research. With the vast amount of research and discoveries being made every day, it is necessary to involve extremely powerful computers to categorize, organize, analyze and keep track of all the information. This also aids in discovery and application of new drugs, treatments and medications. Learn more about bioinformatics here!

An intro to bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a combination of biology and data bases, one way to consider it is that it is a combination of many ways to get information on all things biological from any applicable databases that are present.

Why VB and C++ Make Good Bioinformatic Tools

VB and C++ and its variants are among the first few programming languages developed for a human-machine interface. They are relatively easy to learn and quite versitle. It is fairly easy for non-professionals to write their own programs instead of having to learn complex languages.

Roles of Bioinformatists and Bioinformaticians

The discovery of DNA, RNA and other biological functions has created a new field in which information technology plays a major part. One is storage of the discovered data and the second is the use of computer software to analyze and simulate new situations to see biological responses.