Autism: Treatment

There are various treatment methods for autism and autism spectrum disorders. These can include therapy, behavior modification, medication, alternative and natural methods, and other forms. Depending on the diagnosis, treatment may often be quite different or include a variety of methods. The best success is seen in early intervention services, which is why it’s important that a child is diagnosed and treated as soon as warning signs appear. 

Stimming in Children: Overview and Coping Methods

Stimming behaviors are seen typically in children with autism spectrum disorders. These behaviors can be distracting to others, although they serve a purpose for the individual with ASD. Learning about stimming behaviors and how to reduce or eliminate them is helpful for the person dealing with ASD.
Overcoming The Difficulties of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Overcoming The Difficulties of Autism Spectrum Disorders

As a mother of an autistic child, I understand some of the difficulties of autism spectrum disorders. There are specific things that each of us can do to get through the challenges and come out on top. I’ll share with you some difficulties autistics go through, and how my family dealt with them.
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