Understanding Asthma

What causes asthma? How is it diagnosed and who is affected? Read our FAQ on asthma including the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, causes and environmental triggers.

About Asthma and Post Nasal Drip

How does asthma connect to post-nasal drip? That icky, drippy sensation of nasal secretions dripping down your throat is very uncomfortable. Add an asthma attack to that and you’re feeling even worse. There is a connection between asthma and post-nasal drip.

List of Reasons for Fatal Asthma Attacks

Some asthmatics have good control over their symptoms, using their medications correctly and keeping their symptoms under tight control. Others are at increased risk for fatal asthma attacks. If the victims of a fatal attack had known what the risk factors are, they might still be here.

Foods That Cause Asthma Attacks

Many irritants can trigger the wheezing and shortness of breath typical of an asthma attack, including some foods. Although food-induced attacks are uncommon, it makes sense to look at anything that could trigger your asthma. Let’s look at some of these foods that cause asthma attacks.

Is Asthma the Same as Allergies?

Is asthma the same as allergies? If you are unsure if you or someone you care for is suffering from asthma or allergies, you should take the time to learn the symptoms and triggers so you can help to get a handle on the condition.

How Does Asthma Affect People?

How does asthma affect people? Asthma is a widely seen disease that affects many aspects of the sufferers’ lives. It is known to have effect on the person’s capacity for physical activity, sleeping patterns, and emotional status, in some cases.

IgE Mediated Asthma : An Overview

IgE mediated asthma is an asthma in which IgE antibodies are produced against various allergens like pet dander and house dust mites. Stress and weather changes can also provoke an attack. Oxygen and cardiorespiratory support is given during acute attacks. Long term followup is essential for prevent