Do I Have Asperger's Syndrome? A Quiz for the Curious

Do I Have Asperger's Syndrome? A Quiz for the Curious
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“Do I have Asperger’s syndrome?” Many people ask this question, but having social issues doesn’t make you an Aspie. This quiz will help you figure out whether your symptoms could point to Asperger’s syndrome. Answer the questions below, and mark off the questions that you answer affirmatively.

Social Questions

  • Do you have problems understanding nonverbal social cues? Do people complain that you don’t sustain eye contact appropriately? Do you often feel that you’re missing clues in other people’s body language that could help you understand what

    they are saying? Do you have problems discriminating between a serious comment and a sarcastic one?

  • Do you find yourself unable to make friends? Do your relationships with others seem fake or stilted? Do you have difficulty understanding the importance or purpose of friendship?

  • Do you find yourself making social gaffes often? Do people complain that you lack empathy or don’t understand where they are coming from?

  • Do you find it difficult to share your interests with others in a way that holds their attention? Do you often feel that you keep your emotions locked up inside without sharing them with those around you?

Other Questions

  • Are you extremely interested in one subject more than anything else? Does your interest often seem to bore other people when you talk about it, or do they complain that you talk about it too much? Do you find most of your conversations revolving around that subject?
  • Do you have certain rules that you must follow throughout the day? Do you have specific rituals that must be done at specific times or during specific situations? Do you feel compelled to follow a strict routine and feel extremely agitated when that routine changes?
  • Do you flap your hands when you are excited? Do you have other movements that you do repetitively on a regular basis? Do other people seem bothered by your repetitive mannerisms to the point that they comment on them?
  • Do you enjoy learning about mechanical topics? Do you like taking things apart, especially mechanical devices, to see the pieces inside of them?

Do I Have Asperger’s Syndrome?

If you answered yes to two of the bullets in the first section and one in the second section, you may have Asperger’s syndrome. Speak with a professional who has experience in diagnosing ASD (autism spectrum disorders) to find out for sure.

Note: This article, like any other article, is not enough for a conclusive diagnosis. The questions in this article, however, are based on the DSM-IV, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (version 4). This is the “bible” of mental disorders, and the one that all professionals turn to during the decision process of diagnosing someone with Asperger’s syndrome (AS). Keep in mind that AS is often not diagnosed before children reach elementary school age.


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