Socializing with Asperger Syndrome: Dating Advice

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It can be quite challenging to be a student in college with Asperger’s syndrome. Dating is one of the more challenging parts of college life. Here are ideas, tips and resources to help you learn more about the “hows” of dating,

Watch TV and Movies

TV and movies are great places to learn more about human expression and body language. Watch the way the two sexes interact - especially the body language and non-verbal communication involved. You may also pick up skills on how to talk to the person of the opposite sex. Make sure you are learning from movies and TV shows that depict daily life, not science fiction or horror!!

Talk to the Opposite Sex as Friends

Make friends with people of the opposite sex. Share notes, help each other, and make an effort to ask how they’re doing. Casual conversations and interactions with the opposite sex will make it easier to approach a girl/boy you like and want to ask out.

Watch Other Couples

Watch couples around you. Watch the way they talk, and interact. This will give you a lot of ideas of what to say to a person you are dating.


Sometimes, it is difficult to think of things to say when you are in a stressful situation. So practice when you are by yourself. Have make-believe conversations with a person of the opposite sex in front of the mirror. Write down some nice things you could say and practice saying them. All of this will help you speak confidently when the right opportunity comes your way.

Read about Relationships

There are a lot of books these days about making and maintaining friendships and other intimate relationships. Read such books for a lot of good advice. However, asking someone on a date is not the most important thing. Getting to know them and building a relationship is equally important, in the long run. Thus, make an effort to learn more about that aspect too.

Find a Support Group

A lot of people with Aspergers and high-functioning autism struggle with the same issues, however many have successfully gone on to have relationships, and get married. Finding an Asperger support group in your locality will help you get advice and encouragement from people who are like you and have walked the path you are walking now.

Be Brave

Dating is always difficult for the first time. Most boys and girls struggle and hesitate during their first date, but slowly they get used to it, and it becomes easier. It will be the same for you. Although it may seem something very difficult initially, it will get much easier once you do it. So be brave, and do your best. Here are some more ideas for Asperger Syndrome dating tips. For more resources on Asperger’s syndrome, read this.


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