Asperger’s syndrome is in the autism spectrum scale. Those diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome display some of the same symptoms as autism such as difficulty reading emotions and communicating. Children with asperger’s syndrome, though faced with some challenges, are often highly intelligent and successful in life. Learn more about the symptoms, treatment and life of those affected by asperger’s syndrome.

Facts About Asperger’s Therapy

Asperger’s therapy includes both traditional and nontraditional approaches. Cognitive and behavior therapy, speech therapy, vitamin supplements, and special diets are just a few. Here are a few facts about Asperger’s therapy.

Advice for Aspie Singles Looking to Date

Individuals with Aspergers may desire to be in relationship with another person, but are not sure how to meet a suitable date and make a good impression on them. Read on for advice on how to do both of these.