Arthritis Treatments & Surgery

There are a variety of treatments and medications that may be prescribed for sufferes of arthritis or other conditions. These could include cortisone shots and other types of medication. In addition, for some types of arthritis, especially advanced cases where pain is constant, surgery can be a successful treatment. An orthopedic doctor or surgeon may recommend cadaver cartilage replacement, osteochondral allograft, fusion surgery and other types. Learn more about the types of medications and treatments available to you and what you will undergo during a surgical procedure.

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  • The Best Medications to Relieve the Pain of Osteoarthritis
    Which are the best osteoarthritis medications? From non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to prescription pain pills, learn the advantages of each and decide which medication may be the best for you.
  • An Overview of Elbow Arthroscopy
    The elbow is the joint where the upper arm and the lower arm meet, and as a very movable joint it receives a lot of stress, making it prone to injury. Learn how pain in the elbow and degenerative changes may be diagnosed and treated using the advanced technique of elbow arthroscopy.
  • Justifying Knee Replacement Surgery with an Arthritis Rating Scale
    Learn about ways you can work with your health care provider to develop a treatment plan for knee arthritis. Assess common knee pain and arthritis outcome rating scales. Use an arthritis rating scale to justify knee replacement surgery if needed.
  • The Risks of Cortisone Injections
    Although cortisone shots can help manage pain, they also produce some side effects and there are risks of further complications.
  • Sutures After Shoulder Arthroscopy: What You Need to Know
    A shoulder arthroscopy is a procedure utilized to more accurately diagnose problems in the shoulder joint. Sutures after shoulder arthroscopy need to be properly taken care of in order for the shoulder to heal properly.
  • Healing Time for Ankle Arthrodesis with a Bone Graft
    When arthritis sets into the ankle, it makes weight-bearing on the joint very painful. There are a few methods of relieving this condition, including an arthredesis of the ankle joint. Learn more about ankle arthrodesis and bone graft healing time.
  • List of the Best Treatments for Arthritic Fingers
    The loss of mobility of one’s fingers due to rheumatoid arthritis is one of this disease’s worst debilitating and painful effects to overcome. What is the best treatment for arthritic fingers? There are numerous treatments to combat the pain and immobility of arthritic fingers and increase mobility.
  • Pain Relief for Osteoarthritis of the Knee
    Knee pain due to arthritis affects millions of middle aged and elderly people all over the world. Other symptoms of arthritis are stiffness and swelling of the joint. Learn about the wide range of choices for knee osteoarthritis pain relief.
  • The Uses of Knee Braces for People with Osteoarthritis
    Knee pain and swelling due to arthritis are commonly treated with pain medications, knee replacement surgery and physical therapy. Learn about the role and benefits of the knee brace for osteoarthritis.
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