Arthritis Treatments & Surgery

There are a variety of treatments and medications that may be prescribed for sufferes of arthritis or other conditions. These could include cortisone shots and other types of medication. In addition, for some types of arthritis, especially advanced cases where pain is constant, surgery can be a successful treatment. An orthopedic doctor or surgeon may recommend cadaver cartilage replacement, osteochondral allograft, fusion surgery and other types. Learn more about the types of medications and treatments available to you and what you will undergo during a surgical procedure.

Learn About Basal Joint Arthroplasty

Arthritis of the thumb joint (basal joint) is common in women in their forties. Pain in the thumb and inability to grip prompts the patient to seek medical consultation. When medications and physical therapy fail to relieve symptoms of arthritis, find out how basal joint arthroplasty can be helpful.
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