Natural Joint Pain Relief : Diet and Massage

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Joint pain can be caused by joint injury, joint strain or arthritis. It can also be caused by infectious diseases such as rheumatic fever, hepatitis, influenza, mumps and chicken pox, among others. Lupus is also known to be a cause of joint pain.

Joint pain can also be a symptom of gout if the pain is concentrated around the legs, feet or ankles. Obesity can cause joint pain due to the additional strain on muscles and bones that are aggravated due to lack of movement of muscles and joints. These symptoms are temporary conditions, however, and can be treated naturally as will be explained below. The first thing you should do is identify the underlying cause of joint pain and get treatment for it accordingly.

If you have been taking prescription drugs for joint pain, add these natural treatments to speed up the healing process.


If joint pain is a symptom of obesity or gout, start by changing your diet. Cut out red meat and include more fresh fruits and vegetables. Increase water intake to eight glasses a day.

Juices are a safe way to alleviate joint pain in the long run. The juices of raw potato and ginger are helpful. Or mix the juices of carrot and lemon, and take a tablespoon of the mixture daily.

Papaya seed tea is helpful for joint pain if ingested up to five times a day for up to three weeks. If you’ve no quarrel with garlic, you could fry it in butter and eat it regularly. Try turmeric powder mixed with warm water up to three times a day.


Massaging the affected area with oil helps relieve joint pain. Mix camphor oil with pure sunflower oil and massage the affected area. You can also mix wintergreen oil, eucalyptus oil and witch hazel in equal parts and shake them well in a sealed container. When they are well blended, add an equal part of isopropyl alcohol and apply the mixture for relief of joint pain. To make oil massage effective, use warm oil to improve blood circulation. If warm oil isn’t available, apply a hot towel on the affected area after massage.


Start a daily exercise program to help relieve joint pain. Exercise helps with joint flexibility while strengthening your bones. Better still, exercise in water to help reduce pain and promote the flexibility of joints. Consider Yoga and tai chi, too. Be sure to inform the instructor about your joint pain problem so that an exercise regimen can be devised accordingly. You should also consult your doctor before incorporating an unfamiliar exercise regimen into your pain relief program.

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