Homeopathy Treatments: What Remedies Work Best for Arthrits

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Alternative Arthritis treatments

Homeopathic treatments have been used for decades for a number of different medical conditions. The belief behind Homeopathic medicine is that the body is capable of healing itself. There remains much skepticism about the effectiveness of Homeopathy treatments, but they remain in use for a variety of different medical ailments. Homeopathy is now being commonly used for the treatment of arthritis.

Homeopathic treatments are individually designed for what the individual is experiencing. The course of treatment best for the individual will be based on an evaluation of past medical history, health, lifestyle, and current symptoms. Most Homeopathic remedies for arthritis are safe, but there are a few that can be harmful if used in large quantities (toxic treatments).

Knee Pain

Arctium is a Homeopathic medicine that has been shown to relieve knee pain naturally when it is caused from arthritis. It can also benefit arthritis in other joints. Another natural medicine effective in treating knee pain is Berberis Vulgaris. Bryonia Alba is not only effective for arthritis of the knee but other joints as well. It relieves pain caused from movement. The joint is often painful to touch and results in swelling. Kali Carbonlcum is great for knee and joint pain. It works best when used for long term pain and swelling caused from deformed joints. Rhus Tox is often used as a natural treatment for knee and joint pain that results in stiffness. It works best when the arthritis makes it hard to change positions such as going from sitting to standing. Rhus Toxicodendron is another Homeopathic medication that relieves knee and joint pain from stiffness. The stiffness is usually a result of lack of movement of the afflicted joint.

Climate Pain

Arnica Montana is a Homeopathic medicine that works well for rheumatoid arthritis. It produces great benefits for people that live in cold and damp environments. This medicine naturally relieves soreness and bruising from arthritis. Belladonna can relieve sudden sharp pains that are a result of chills and dampness. This pain often gets worse at night. Calcarea Carbonica that improves arthritis in cold and damp environments. Pulsatilla is a great homeopathic treatment to use if you live in cold environments. It relieves swelling and pain as well. If pain is relieved when exposed to heat Sulphurlcum is a good natural medicine. It also relieves frequent night pains.


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