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How do you determine whether your anxiety is normal nervousness or a disorder? Anxiety, stress, worry and panic can manifest itself in many different ways.  Learn the symptoms of an anxiety disorder, diagnosis and warning signs to help you or a loved one. Bright Hub offers articles, info and insight into the causes and research behind anxiety disorders, including treatment methods, testing for disorders and more.


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  • Identifying the Physical Signs of Stress and Anxiety
    Too much stress and anxiety can cause physical symptoms, like headaches and abdominal pain. Learn about the different physical symptoms of stress and anxiety that a person can experience.
  • How Can I Overcome Fear and Anxiety?
    Are you plagued with fear or anxiety? If so, you may ask yourself how can I overcome fear and anxiety. There is a distinct difference between what is considered fear and panic or anxiety. What most suffers need for either condition is a step by step guide or plan to beat the condition.
  • Spotlight on the Root Causes of Anxiety Disorders
    Why do some people appear to remain calm in daily life and others seem to be nervous all of the time? Are some predisposed to anxiety, or do other factors affect the development of anxiety disorders? Read on to find answers to these questions about the etiology of anxiety disorders.
  • Spotlight on the Causes of Anxiety Disorders
    Have you ever found yourself worrying without the ability to stop, feeling overly stressed, or unable to sleep well? Do you suffer difficulty concentrating, headaches or tiredness? These are symptoms associated with anxiety, and they are caused by an interaction of a number of factors.
  • Natural Ways To Treat Your Child’s Anxiety
    Treating anxiety in children takes extra time and patience. Although it may seem insignificant, children’s fears and worries can be very stressful for them. Following these simple techniques on natural ways to treat anxiety in children can help set them on the way to a fun and carefree childhood.
  • How Anxiety Disorders Affect Children
    Childhood anxiety disorders affect a surprising number of children each year. There are several main anxiety disorders in children that produce a wide variety of symptoms. In this article, you'll learn the ways in which children are affected by these types of anxiety disorders.
  • The Best Treatments for Anxiety Disorders
    The best treatment for anxiety disorders relies on finding a method that will address all aspects of the condition a person may suffer from.
  • Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders
    Symptoms of anxiety disorders vary depending on which anxiety disorder is present. You can help yourself, a friend, a co-worker, or a family member by recognizing the signs and symptoms of anxiety disorders.
  • A List of Common Anxiety Disorders
    This article defines common anxiety disorders whose specific characteristics help to distinguish them from each other. Distinctive symptoms of anxiety disorders are linked by irrational fears that are present in each form of the disorder.
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