Anxiety Causes & Diagnosis

How do you determine whether your anxiety is normal nervousness or a disorder? Anxiety, stress, worry and panic can manifest itself in many different ways.  Learn the symptoms of an anxiety disorder, diagnosis and warning signs to help you or a loved one. Bright Hub offers articles, info and insight into the causes and research behind anxiety disorders, including treatment methods, testing for disorders and more.

Types of Childhood Anxiety Disorders

Childhood anxiety disorders affect a surprising number of children each year. There are several main anxiety disorders in children that produce a wide variety of symptoms. In this article, you’ll learn the ways in which children are affected by these types of anxiety disorders.

A list of common Anxiety Disorders

This article defines common anxiety disorders whose specific characteristics help to distinguish them from each other. Distinctive symptoms of anxiety disorders are linked by irrational fears that are present in each form of the disorder.

Spotlight on the Signs of Separation Anxiety

The signs of separation anxiety can be difficult to interpret and many parents find themselves wondering if their child’s behavior is normal. This article explores the signs of separation anxiety as they relate to normal childhood development and the more serious separation anxiety disorder.

Acute Stress Disorder Signs And Symptoms

The acute stress disorder symptoms are rather similar to those of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; in fact, if ASD is left untreated it will likely develop into PTSD. It is very important for those suffering from acute stress disorder and loved ones to recognize the signs and symptoms of ASD.

Overcoming Acute Stress Disorder

Acute stress disorder is a short term reaction to a traumatic event; however it often develops into post traumatic stress disorder. This article describes the importance of early intervention in overcoming acute stress disorder and the treatments that are regularly used.

Signs and Symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder

It’s normal to feel anxiety in stressful situations, but for some people, anxiety is a part of life even in the absence of an identifiable stressor. How can you tell the difference between normal and abnormal anxiety? Learning about the signs and symptoms of an anxiety disorder can help.