Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is characterized by a person severely limiting their intake of food in order to lose weight. The patient typically has an unrealistic view of his or her self as needing to lose weight and will starve them self in order to become thinner. Anorexia is treatable when the psychological reasons behind this disorder are addressed. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment of anorexia nervosa as well as tips and process of recovery.

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  • What is Anorexia Nervosa?
    Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder marked by intentional self-starvation. The obsessive pursuit of thinness manifests in two forms.
  • What Goes on in the Mind of an Anorexic?
    Anorexia nervosa is a mental illness characterized by a refusal to maintain a healthy body weight and an obsessive fear of gaining weight. Read on for insight into what goes on in the mind of an anorexic.
  • The Causes and Triggers of Anorexia
    Anorexia is an eating disorder, but what causes it? By taking a look at some direct and indirect causes, one can begin to see different factors that lead to anorexia.
  • Karen Carpenter's Battle with Anorexia
    The unexpected death of Karen Carpenter at the age of 32 was the result of her battle with anorexia. Though she was at a healthy weight at the time of her death, years of anorexia symptoms claimed her life long after she thought she had been "cured".
  • The Truth About Teenage Anorexia
    Teenagers are obsessed with appearances – especially in school where they want to make a fabulous impression. To look great, they willingly sacrifice their health. Here are tips on how to spot signs and symptoms of anorexia in teenagers, how to prevent, and how to deal with this disorder.
  • Spotlight on Anorexia Nervosa Treatment
    Anorexia nervosa treatment is complex and underutilized, since anorexics do not recognize the need for treatment. Treatment is conducted inpatient or outpatient involving psychotherapeutic and pharmacological approaches. Few are efficacious; however, family-based therapy yields promising results.
  • Spotlight on Meal Plans for Recovering Anorexics
    Facing food multiple times a day for a recovering anorexic can be overwhelming and terrifying. However, it does not have to necessarily be this way. By taking a look at a recovering anorexic meal plan, a person can find ways to face the challenge of eating and overcome it!
  • The Dangers of Anorexic Weight Loss
    Food restriction, excessive exercising, and use of laxatives are among the causes of anorexic weight loss. They can pose serious health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal problems, amenorrhea and osteoporosis.
  • Why are People Anorexic?
    Why are people anorexic? In truth, there is no one answer to this question. People may be anorexic for any of several reasons, or for a combination of several reasons. Read on for some more information about the possible causes of anorexia.
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