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Alternative Treatments

There are a variety of alternative and natural treatments for allergies and asthma that endeavor to both cure the allergy, and alleviate symptoms. Read more about using acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, neti pots and other home remedies for allergies.

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  • Treating Asthma Naturally
    Along with prescribed medication, many asthma sufferers are turning to home remedies for asthma treatment. Find out what home treatments are available for care and prevention.
  • Best Herbal Treatments to Ease Hay Fever Symptoms
    Up to 30 percent of Americans endure bouts of hay fever to varying degrees, especially in the spring when pollen counts are high. There are many natural remedies that can be used to prevent the symptoms of hay fever as well as provide relief once they begin.
  • Can Sage Brush Worsen Asthma Symptoms?
    Parents ask their child’s allergy doctors, “Can sage brush make asthma worse?” If the child develops seasonal allergies to various pollens, he can be sensitive to sage brush. In addition, if the child has asthma, the sage brush can exacerbate his symptoms.
  • Supplements to Balance Body pH in Allergies
    In allergic reactions, most people’s bodies become acidic, while some become more alkaline. For optimum health, the body needs to maintain an acid/alkaline ratio (pH) within narrow limits. Balance body pH in allergies with these supplements and foods.
  • The Effects of Spearmint on Asthma
    Learn about the history of spearmint as an alternative treatment for asthma, and how you can use this ancient remedy to treat your own asthmatic symptoms. It is important to understand asthma and the effects of spearmint on it so that you can discover ways to best treat your condition.
  • Magnolia Bark and Asthma Symptoms
    Are you looking for more information about magnolia bark and asthma? Here we will provide you with the details.
  • Chronic Asthma: Natural Treatment is the Way to Go!
    Are you an asthma patient who dreads the constant tablets and inhalers? Are you worried the disease will make you dependent on medicines for ever? Fret not, as you've reached the right page. This article introduces you to a unique way to deal with chronic asthma: natural treatment.
  • Bee Pollen for Allergies in Children
    Recent studies claim that children suffering from seasonal allergies can find relief with bee pollen therapy. Combining bee pollen for allergies, along with certain changes throughout the home, is said to be very beneficial in treating children’s seasonal allergies.
  • Raising Honey Bees to Help Allergies
    Raising honey bees has obvious and subtle benefits. In addition to delicious honey, local honey may help to thwart allergies.
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