Well-Suited Careers for ADHD Adults: Finding the Right Job for You

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Adults with ADHD may have a hard time coping in the workplace. This is especially true if they work at a job or career that is not suitable for their condition. There are certain symptoms that accompany ADHD. Some of the most common symptoms of adult ADHD include forgetfulness, distractibility, and feeling overwhelmed by certain responsibilities. These symptoms can hinder a person in their professional life.

Fortunately, having ADHD doesn’t have to hinder a person in their career. There are certain things that a person with ADHD can do to make their profession a success despite their condition. For an individual with ADHD, a successful career often hinges on choosing a career that is suitable.

Suitable Jobs for ADHD Adults

Some ADHD experts recommend that adults with ADHD take an entrepreneurial route. According to Psychology Today, there are several famous business leaders that have ADHD. Some of the most notable include Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Airlines, John T. Chambers, the CEO of Cisco Systems, and Charles Schwab, the CEO of the Charles Schwab Corporation. People with ADHD are 300% more likely to own or start a business than those without the condition. One obvious reason entrepreneurship is a terrific choice for adults with ADHD is because if provides the opportunity for flexibility and creativity.

Jobs that are fast-paced are a great fit for someone that is hyperactive. Several careers that are considered fast paced include emergency medical jobs, sales, and careers in television, marketing, and law enforcement. However, low-stress work can also compliment the ADHD personality. Individuals with ADHD should only consider fast-paced jobs that won’t cause too much anxiety.

Another factor that adults with ADHD should consider is their inclination towards creativity. Creative careers such as writing, photography, art, and music are often better suited for an adult that suffers from ADHD. Individuals with ADHD are often naturally creative and thrive in artistic work environments. Children with ADHD who once daydreamed in class can often offer creative, valuable ideas as adults.

Finding the Right Careers for ADHD People

Many adults with ADHD jump from one activity to another and are easily bored. It’s tantamount that adults with ADHD engage in careers that they find intriguing. They should be able to work at their job without facing serious bouts of boredom. If the person is bored with their career, they may struggle to complete even simple tasks and exhibit other problems on their job.

Finally, career testing or counseling is a fantastic idea for adults looking for the perfect career. A career test can reveal strengths, weaknesses and point a person in the direction of suitable careers. Career counselors can also be useful in helping a person find the right job for their personality and condition. Each person is different and adults with ADHD must choose a job based on his or her interests and strengths. It’s essential that a person has a job that they enjoy.


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