What are the Best Hobbies for a Gifted ADHD Adult to Pursue?

Time Well Spent

What are the best hobbies for a gifted ADHD adult to pursue? Asking that important question can start a person on the right path to relief and recovery from the symptoms of this mental disorder that can be so aggravating. Hobbies should be a pleasurable and cathartic diversion from the grind of life for anyone. But for someone with ADHD, finding the right one to engage in might be even more important. The unique characteristics of adult ADHD, including being easily distracted, disorganized, forgetful, hyperactive, and anxious in most situations, might actually be lessened if the diagnosed individual finds a pursuit in their leisure time that teaches them to relax. Furthermore, it may be possible to find a hobby that enables them to even convert the traits that seem like a liability into assets. Fighting boredom when you have ADHD is also a key to coping with it. Once a person becomes adept and eventually an expert at their chosen hobby, the reward is a major boost in self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as attaining meaningful social bonds in the specialized community of fellow participators. The fact that a hobby is somewhat of a novelty in terms of the smaller amount of time one is afforded to engage in it, lends itself well to fully capturing one’s attention and dedication to it.

Remember that first and foremost, a hobby should be fun and not feel like a chore. It should facilitate the positive aspects of achieving goals while teaching the participator the all-important ability to learn to relax. A person might have to try a few out, or give one a little time, to find the hobby that suits them best. Since a feeling of being overwhelmed is part and parcel of this disorder, don’t expect that you won’t feel like that beginning a new hobby. It can be like that for anyone. Since being easily frustrated is also inherent in ADHD, gently compel yourself to allow for time to adjust and dismiss that urge to quit just because you don’t think you’re good at it. Everything takes a little practice and time to build a skill set. By the same token, if you try a hobby and find it utterly boring, it’s time to try out a different one.

Exercising the Body Relieves the Mind


Any kind of exercise is first on the list because it’s well known to greatly benefit the body and mind. You have such a wide variety of options available from simply walking/hiking to taking a spinning class, that you’re bound to find something you enjoy with a little trial and error. Yoga is a great option too, since it combines the benefits of keeping fit while also cultivating a belief in self-acceptance. Moreover, learning yogic relaxation techniques by controlling the breath is nothing less than the vital link between you and life.

For the adventurous type, rock climbing and mountaineering might suit you because it necessitates intense concentration to keep from injuring yourself. This pursuit creates a natural tendency to block everything else out in order to perform the task at hand. It’s obviously dangerous and not for everyone but I’ve also found that the lack of oxygen at high altitude is one of the best ways to get my body to impose my mind to stay in the moment. This feeling is pleasurable to many, but since you need to be in a reasonable proximity to tall mountains, that’s all we’ll say about that option; except to mention that rock climbing opportunities are available virtually anywhere as the link above will explain. That’s just a couple of ideas; we’ve only just begun to explore the options since we want to give you a wide variety to choose from. Please read the second article in this series which provides more ideas to hopefully peak your interest. And by the end, maybe you can see ADHD as a gift rather than a negative attribute. Deciding to look at it that way can change your perspective and lead to a more fulfilling life.

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