Pscyhotherapy for ADHD - A Look at Different Approaches

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Treating ADHD Without Using Pharmaceutical Medications

Managing ADHD is often done without the use of medications. Pharmaceutical medications have many side effects and their long-term health risks are still not fully known. But with psychotherapy for ADHD patients can avoid or limit the amounts of pharmaceutical medications they need to take. Risks of suffering from side effects like upset stomach, weight loss, dizziness, nausea, and psychosis are greatly minimized if psychotherapy works as a treatment for ADHD.

Even if the individual is required to be on pharmaceutical medications, they will still benefit from psychotherapy and may be able to reduce how many pharmaceutical medications they need.

Involving All Caregivers in Psychotherapy Treatment

Living with ADHD is difficult not only for the person suffering from ADHD but for those living with that person. Therapy involving all caregivers is aimed at helping individuals understand what ADHD is and how to deal with it.

Caregiver therapy counsels caregivers on how to recognize when the person with ADHD needs some quiet time or some reminders to stay on track. When working with psychotherapy for ADHD in children, caregivers learn how to help the child and how to manage their own frustrations when dealing with children who have ADHD. Another type of caregiver therapy is called family therapy and involves the whole family taking part in therapy sessions.

Learning Life Skills and Anger Management with Psychotherapy

People living with ADHD need more assistance in understanding how to manage and organize their daily schedules. They also get angrier and frustrated easier and need to learn how to manage those emotions.

Psychotherapy for ADHD aims to aid the individual in expressing their emotions, and teaching them to realize how they can choose other options instead of getting angry. For children with ADHD, psychotherapy works to help them make good choices and to learn how those choices can produce better outcomes than getting angry.

Using Art or Music Therapy as a Psychotherapy Option for ADHD

Another form of psychotherapy involves expression through a medium such as drawing or music. The individual with ADHD will use writing, painting, dancing, music, drama, poetry and other forms of expression to help sort out their emotions.

This type of therapy is beneficial in that it teaches the individual how to express him or herself in a way they understand and can relate to.

Group Therapy as a Psychotherapy Treatment for ADHD

Individuals can also partake in group therapy sessions to discuss their situation with others who have similar stories. Group therapy allows the individual to realize they are not the only ones with ADHD. In addition it gives them the ability to offer assistance and support to others who also suffer from ADHD.

Group therapy is also available to families of people with ADHD. Family members can join support groups to share stories and learn how other people deal with ADHD in their family.


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