Treatment Methods of ADHD

Treatment of ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder) can include medication, behavior modification and natural methods such as change of diet. Learn more about the different treatment methods available.

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  • Treating Severe ADHD in Adults
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is usually associated with children and was once thought to have little impact on adulthood. Current evidence shows that the disorder does impair adults and can have devastating effects. This article will discuss severe ADHD in adults and its treatments.
  • ADHD Therapy Using Stimulant Medications
    You or someone in your family has been diagnosed with ADHD, so what do you do next? Doctors most often prescribe a stimulant or a non-stimulant medication for this condition—depending on the type of ADHD. What are the pros and cons of stimulant medications for ADHD?
  • Dealing with Sleep Loss and Attention Deficits: It's Not Always Down to ADHD
    Maybe you’re concerned about your ADHD child’s sleeplessness. Or perhaps your child has not been diagnosed with ADHD, but you’re afraid that nocturnal restlessness and daytime lack of focus are pointing toward a diagnosis. Either way, your current goal is to tackle his or her sleep deprivation.
  • How ADHD Children Can Benefit from Yoga and Meditation
    Through time and patience, yoga and meditation for kids with ADHD can be of great value. This article shows you how both practices can be beneficial.
  • How Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help ADHD Children?
    Do you have a child with ADHD and want to help improve their behavior? This article explores how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help ADHD children through problem solving and examining thoughts and feelings to help improve behaviors.
  • Spotlight on Light and Sound Therapy for ADHD
    For parents looking for an alternative to Ritalin, ADHD stimulation therapy offers a safe and effective treatment. Known as light and sound therapy, this treatment attempts to alter the chemistry and wave patterns of the brain by using a combination of flashing lights and pulsing tones.
  • How to Deal with ADHD Temper Tantrums
    Addressing ADHD and temper tantrums is a challenging task for any parent. Tantrums can be emotionally and physically exhausting for both parent and child. This article provides tips and suggestions on how to deal with these difficult situations.
  • Tips on How to Overcome Adult ADHD Challenges
    Adults with ADHD have many challenges but overcoming them is possible. Rethinking how to deal with those challenges is the first step to success.
  • Concentration Building Techniques for Children with ADHD
    A child with ADHD may never be able to focus in the same way as other children, but thankfully there are several concentration techniques that can be used to help.
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