Rising ADHD Numbers: Why the Increase in ADHD Diagnosis in Children?

Rising ADHD Numbers: Why the Increase in ADHD Diagnosis in Children?
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On the Rise

There is a rising in the numbers of children diagnosed with ADHD, just like the increasing diagnoses of autism. Over the years studies have taken place documenting the statistics of circumstances in relation to ADHD. In a recent study, it was in between the years of 1997 to 2006, that the increase in occurrences of ADHD was on the rise in children over the age of 11. Even though believed to be more common in boys, a rise between the same decade of years had shown a rise in the occurrence in young girls.

Children with ADHD


Because ADHD is being diagnosed more frequently, a rise in the prescription of medications like Ritalin and other psychostimulants. The hike up on the numbers for ADHD statistics is expected to increase by 4 % a year. If you feel that your child may be exhibiting signs of ADHD, take him or her to their doctor or schedule an appointment with the school psychiatrist. The school psychiatrist is free and the reports from them can get you services for your child if needed. Like many developmental disorders, ADD is diagnosed based on behavioral criteria not medical.

Symptoms and Risk Factors

There have been risks linked to the disorder so if your child has any of these risk factors and you notice any of the behavior’s associated with ADHD, you may want to get your child seen by a qualified doctor. Common behaviors of ADHD are hyperactivity, poor attention span, lacking ability to concentrate and more. Risks linked to the disorder are low birth weight, genetics, and lead exposure.

ADHD and Second Opinions

If you have an older child that was never diagnosed with ADHD until recently, you might want to get a second opinion. Sometimes teen’s behaviors change for other reasons such as puberty.Young teens often experiencing depression can be diagnosed with ADHD, when in fact it is depression they are experiencing. Another study also suggests however that mothers with depression give birth to children with increased risk of developing ADHD.