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  • Best Vitamins for Women
    From vitamin D and K for bone health and vitamins C and A to protect from free radical damage and to slow aging, proper nutrition is essential for a woman's well-being. Learn about the best vitamins for women.
  • Vitamins for Hair Regrowth in Women
    There are many reasons for hair loss in women. Learn how to keep your hair as rich and healthy as possible and to prevent thinning with hair regrowth vitamins for women.
  • Complications of the LEEP Procedure
    The LEEP procedure is normally considered to be safe. Occasionally, complications occur that require medical follow-up treatment. Learn more about the possible LEEP procedure complications.
  • High Prolactin Levels in Women: Why They Happen and What Symptoms to Know About
    Pregnancy and breastfeeding are a few of the factors that cause elevated levels of prolactin. Some women do not experience symptoms, but sustained and very high levels can affect the menstrual cycle, fertility and the proper functioning of the optic nerves.
  • Causes of and Treatments for Receding Hairline in Women
    It is common for men to lose their hair as they get older. Receding hairline in women can be very distressing and can cause intense social anxiety. Read more about the causes and treatments for receding hairline and hair loss in women.
  • Signs and Symptoms of Progesterone Deficiency
    Progesterone deficiency symptoms are usually experienced by perimenopausal women, as the ovaries tend to produce little quantity of progesterone. These symptoms can also be manifestations of PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) among younger women.
  • Side Effects of Natural Progesterone Cream
    Serious side effects are quite rare with natural progesterone cream, making it one of the preferred means of hormone therapy. For a thorough understanding on natural progesterone cream's side effects, uses, indications and risk factors, it is best to consult a doctor before using it.
  • Recovery From the Dilation and Curettage Procedure
    The medical procedure called a dilation and curettage (D&C) is usually performed to find out why a woman is having abnormal bleeding. Read on to find out about dilation and curettage recovery.
  • What to Expect After a LEEP Procedure
    The LEEP procedure is an effective and simple way to remove abnormal cells from the cervix. The procedure can usually be done in your doctor’s office and recovery time is often quick. Read more about what to expect after a LEEP procedure and what to do during the recovery.
  • Saw Palmetto to Improve Moodiness in Women
    Thinking of a natural way to rectify mood swings? Here is some information on the effectiveness of saw palmetto for moodiness in women. Dosage, precautions, and certain considerations are presented in this article.
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