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  • Stay Meatless On The Job
    Maybe you've made a commitment to either cut down on meat or eliminate it completely from your diet. Eating at home is no problem, but perhaps you're having trouble coming up with easy vegetarian meals for work. Here are some ideas that will keep you on your eating plan.
  • Health Benefits of Being Vegan
    If you tell some people you're giving up all animal products, they will express concern about your health. But the many health benefits of being vegan could counter all of their arguments. Here are just a few.
  • Meal Plans for Teenage Vegetarians
    Creating free meal plans for teenage vegetarians can be a challenge. Start by considering what foods teenagers typically enjoy eating, and then determine how you can replace meats with non-meat protein sources.
  • Ideas for Quick No Cooking Vegetarian Meals
    If you don’t want to cook everyday of the week but you are very serious about eating as healthy as possible, here are some recipes for quick no cooking vegetarian meals.
  • Cheap Vegetarian Meal Ideas
    Not only is a vegetarian diet low in saturated fat and high in fiber, it can also be a cheaper way to eat too. Missing meat from your diet doesn't mean missing taste, as the following ideas for vegetarian meals for cheap will prove.
  • Developing a Healthy Vegan Meal Plan
    Whether you are a seasoned vegan looking for new meal ideas, or a vegan newbie wondering what to eat, this guide will suggest some perhaps surprising vegan protein sources and a meal plan that will have you enjoying the vegan lifestyle in no time.
  • Nutrition Guidelines for Vegans
    The vegan nutrition guidelines are easy to follow, and offers the opportunity to eat a variety of tasty foods that support a long, healthy lifestyle.
  • What is Tofu Made of?
    Learn what tofu is made of, where it originated and just what benefits you can reap by adding this healthy plant based food to your diet. You'll also be provided with a brief explanation of how tofu is made.
  • Top 5 Healthy Meat Substitutes for Vegetarian Diets
    High in protein and essential amino acids, meat is necessary to maintain a healthy diet...or is it? You don’t have to be a carnivore to benefit from the nutrition that meat provides. There are some healthy alternatives that are tasty and nutritious, perfect for any vegetarian.
  • Good Sources of Selenium for Vegetarians
    Selenium is an important mineral that also acts as a protective antioxidant in the body. Often consumed from meat and seafood, but also readily available from vegetables and grains, what are the best sources of selenium for vegetarians? Are supplements necessary?
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