Health Care Technology

Discover the latest technological advances affecting the health care industry today at Health Guide Info’s Health Care Technology channel. From the latest advances in medical devices to the growing field of online health management, the Health Care technology channel discusses the issues that affect you and your loved ones every day. Explore the ever expanding field of eHealth and the variety of online health management systems available today including products such as Google Health. Debate growing concerns about the security of personal data versus the benefit of technological advances such as automated prescription refill reminders and a health record that can be accessed and updated quickly and easily. Learn how the implementation of computerized information technology systems has reduced and prevented medical error.

Bioinformatics as a Career Option

Discoveries in The last century following the DNA exposure have spawned a great deal of research in biological sciences. Aided by the revolution in information technology, we are seeing a coalescence between the research discipline and information technology to seek answers and better treatment.

Why VB and C++ Make Good Bioinformatic Tools

VB and C++ and its variants are among the first few programming languages developed for a human-machine interface. They are relatively easy to learn and quite versitle. It is fairly easy for non-professionals to write their own programs instead of having to learn complex languages.

Roles of Bioinformatists and Bioinformaticians

The discovery of DNA, RNA and other biological functions has created a new field in which information technology plays a major part. One is storage of the discovered data and the second is the use of computer software to analyze and simulate new situations to see biological responses.

What Is Nanotechnology?

In the most basic of terms, Nanotechnology refers to the projected ability to construct items from the bottom up. It is the engineering of functional systems down to the molecular level. There are, however, many different spins on the terminology.