About the Handheld ECG Monitor

The ECG machine has been a life-saving machine since its creation in 1887. The machine has evolved into a handheld version of the older device that is suitable for home use. The handheld ECG monitor is perfect for medical professionals to monitor the activity of the heart while at home.

How Prosthetic Eyes Work?

In the past, when someone lost his eye, he would have to wear a patch to cover the damaged eye. However prosthetic eyes can restore the look of having a real eye. Advancements in bionic eyes have made it possible for blind patients to have partial eyesight.
Robotic Prosthetics - It is NOT Science Fiction!

Robotic Prosthetics - It is NOT Science Fiction!

Today’s manufacturers of robotic prosthetics have made great and advanced inroads into the concept of replacement limbs. In many instances, the latter have created them to an extent when they now not only look realistic, but can actually be made to react in a natural and lifelike fashion.