Strength Training

This section contains articles on strength training exercises, routines and equipment.

Les Mills Body Attack: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

A Les Mills Body Attack class came to my gym in January of 2010. There was considerable hype about how good this class was and the official big marketing banners almost dared you to go. Did this class live up to the hype of how incredibly in-shape and toned it would get you? Find out below.

Quadriceps Strengthening Exercises

Quadriceps strengthening exercises can build the muscles in your legs and help prevent injury. Learn the simple exercises that you can include in your daily workout routine that can help prevent injury.

What Is Anaerobic Exercise?

Strength training, the answer to the question of what is anaerobic exercise, is a vital part of any fitness program. For optimal health of body, mind and spirit, aerobic and anaerobic routines should both be part of your exercise lifestyle.