Strength Training

This section contains articles on strength training exercises, routines and equipment.

Taekwondo Belt Colors

Taekwondo Belt Colors use a variety of systems to denote student rankings. Each system has slightly different history behind it, and in each the different belt colors represent different things.

The History of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is one of the most commonly practiced martial arts in the world. The history of Taekwondo is a long and rich one, with falls in popularity and resurgences constantly evolving the art.

Weight Training For Golf

Ever wonder what golfer’s do to train and work out? It’s a lot more than practicing their swing. This article talks about specific training guidelines that golfers can use before their season and during.

How to Perform a Deadlift

Learn why Deadlifts are crucial for a weightlifting regimen to increase strength, posture, and prevent injury. Contains a step-by-step guide on how to perform one correctly.

Five Best Arm Exercises and Workouts

Your arms contain some of the most difficult flab to get rid of, especially on the underside in the tricep area. So don’t rely on your typical workout to get rid of arm flab. Here’s some of the best arm exercises you can perform to build strength and shed pounds.