Strength Training to Relieve Pain Naturally: How Strength Training for Wrist and Shoulder Pain Can Restore Your Quality of LIfe

Strength Training to Relieve Pain Naturally:  How Strength Training for Wrist and Shoulder Pain Can Restore Your Quality of LIfe
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Reasons Strength Training Relives Pain

Contrary to what many people believe, the best medicine after an injury is not necessarily a prolonged period of rest. As part of the healing process, an injured muscle needs to be used in order to reduce swelling and heal quicker. The muscle must be stretched and strengthened in order to return to normal functioning. Strength training will help a person recover faster and feel stronger. It can also prevent many of the symptoms associated with overuse or lack of use injuries. Along with pain relief, the benefits of strength training include greater bone density and muscle mass, the ability to control your weight easier, and prevention of future injuries.

How to Determine Pain Relief

Strength training is most beneficial in relieving pain caused by a muscular issue such as muscle weakness, muscle imbalance and flexibility problems. A structural cause of pain is one that the actual tissue has been damaged, such as a fractured bone, torn ligament or ruptured vertebral disc. This type of injury requires medical treatment. If you are unsure if the pain you are experiencing is muscular or structural, start by thinking back to the cause of your pain. Was it a traumatic injury or repetitive injury? Try to determine if activity helps your pain or makes it worse. Test the range of motion, both passive and present, at the injured joint. Think about when you touch the painful area on your body, what type of tissue is inflamed? Also, evaluate the type and severity of your symptoms. If you conclude that the pain you are experiencing is indeed caused by a muscle problem, it is important to get started on a strength training program right away.

Common Areas That Benefit

Many people experience pain on a daily basis. Carpal tunnel is the most common diagnosis associated with wrist pain. Strength training for wrist pain can help relieve carpal tunnel symptoms such as numbness, tingling and stiffness. Many of the symptoms are caused by an inflamed rotator cuff and straining of the wrist or finger flexors. By performing exercises that strengthen these muscles, your pain will be reduced. Another common problem for many people is shoulder and neck pain. Many symptoms associated with neck pain are actually related to the shoulder and shoulder blades. The reasons for shoulder pain can range from arthritis to bone spurs. Strength training for shoulder pain will help restore your range of motion and muscle balance.


It is always important to eat healthy, no matter what your exercise routine is. When your body is not getting the proper nutrients it is not able to heal itself and that will result in a slower recovery and more pain for you. When you start your strength training program, it is important to eat a balanced diet of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. You need a complete package of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep your body performing at its best. It is also important to specifically eat protein right after your strength training session. This will help restore your strained muscle tissue and build strength. Keep in mind that the benefits of strength training are long lasting because it will not only help relieve your pain today, but also help prevent future pain and injuries.


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