Sports Training

Get the tips on how to keep in shape for your favorite summer sport during the winter months. Also check out our great winter performance tips like skiing, snowshoeing, skating and more.

Ice Hockey Skating Drills

When a player is completing ice hockey skating drills, they are following specific motions or movements that build up skills needed to become a good player. Ice hockey is a sport that requires an incredible amount of strength, quickness, footwork, and endurance.

Karate Based Exercise Program

A karate based exercise program is perfect for people who want to burn a lot of calories while learning self defense. Specific moves can help tone the body, improve fitness levels and provide a good cardiovascular and strength training workout.

Description of Hockey Speed and Agility Drills

When you start playing hockey, you quickly realize that skating is not as easy as it looks. To skate on the ice at the frantic pace that hockey players do requires a lot of speed and agility. Coaches have their players perform hockey speed and agility drills to improve these skills.

Basketball Drills for Kids For Fun and fitness

Basketball drills teach fundamentals, that give children the skills to play the game and to enjoy playing. Drills need to be fun to keep interest going. Basketball drills for kids indeed teach the fundamentals, but the drills should be repeated often in order to develop skills further.

Basic Rules of Badminton

The basic rules of badminton have basically stayed the same, but the game itself has evolved. Now there are court measurements and equipment requirements that weren’t around in the beginning of the history of Badminton. Badminton has become an Olympic sport since its modest beginnings.

Learning How to Play Badminton

Although this game originated overseas, Badminton is one of America’s favorite pastimes. This game has also grown into a competitive sport. You can learn how to play Badminton in just a few hours but it takes many more hours to become a master player.

Tennis Camp Games and Drills

When tennis players from all over get together at tennis camp, they have fun. Tennis camp games and drills aren’t boring anymore, they are exciting and fast moving. Here are a few common games and drills that players may encounter when they attend tennis camp.

Best Indoor Sports Activities

The best indoor sports activities can be defined as the top indoor sports that are the most fun, but also work multiple muscle groups. In areas with cold winters, indoor sports activities can be one of the top ways to maintain your workouts. What are the best indoor sports activities for exercise?

Fun Shooting Drills for Soccer Teams

Teaching the fundamentals of soccer is often the main focus of practice. Kids need to know how to dribble, pass, and the positions of the game. Shooting drills for soccer are a fun part of practice. Setting aside time to let the team shoot on goal is important and will pay off in a game situation.

Creative and Fun Beginner Tennis Drills

Getting your kids to continue to play a sport because they get bored with drills is easily fixed. Here are a few creative and fun drills for beginning tennis players that will have them practicing their drills without giving their instructors or their parents any grief.