Goalie Drills for Ice Hockey

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Back and Forth Goaltending

This drill aims to improve the goalie’s reflexes, speed, and side-to-side mobility. In this drill, the two goalies line up one in front of the other at the goal. Two coaches, trainers, or instructors position themselves in front of the goalies with some distance between them, making a V shape between them and the goal. They will become the shooters. They will shoot pucks into the goal one a time, giving the goalies time to prepare in between shots. The goalies switch places every 6-8 shots. The goalie in front blocks the shots while the goalie in the back watches the angles of the shots. The time between shots is decreased in every iteration to give goalies less time to prepare, developing their need to move faster and be more precise with blocking. This drill will also train goalies in observing angles of shots so they can block them better.


This drill requires 4 shooters taking turns in passing and shooting. A shooter takes a long shot and then positions himself near the goal for a pass from any of the other 3 shooters. He then takes another shot. The four shooters take turns in doing this. Coyote develops the goalie’s skills in positioning himself after an initial shot.

Gallace Pass

The goal of this drill is to improve the goalie’s ability to receive a pass, initiate a pass, and set up a shooter for a shot. Precision and timing are needed to execute these moves and the drill focuses on improving these skills. The drill starts with two goalies in a standby position at the two goal areas. Two shooters move slowly with their own pucks towards their partner goalies, staying wide until they reach the red line. When they reach the red line, they pass the puck to their respective goalies. Once the goalies are in control of their respective pucks, the shooters start moving across the middle with accelerating speed, to receive a pass from their respective goalies. When they successfully receive the pass, they move on to take a shot against the goalie on the opposite side. The success of this drill depends on the ability of the goalie to receive a pass, take control of the puck as quickly as possible, and make a pass to the shooter while the shooter is accelerating through the middle.

2 Vs. 0 Down Low

This drill works on two skill sets; one for the goalie and the other for the forward. The drill starts with the goalie standing his ground in the goal area. The forward then starts to move towards the area inside the goal line. The forward then makes a decision between 3 options; move entirely across the inside of the goal line to take a shot, pass the puck back to another forward to fake his wraparound move behind the goal, or pass the puck to the other forward after making a successful wrap around move from inside the goal line. One of the more intense goalie hockey drills, this drill encourages creativity in the part of the forward while developing the goalie’s ability to be alert and ready for any kind of move resulting from a strategy inside the goal line.


Bandits is one of the simpler goalie hockey drills. In this drill, a shooter takes two consecutive shots in front of the goalie, then he moves towards the side of the goal to take another shot. The shooter then goes inside the goal line behind the goal. From there, he can go to either side to make another shot. This drill develops the goalie’s ability to position himself appropriately during several consecutive shots, including those that originate from behind the goal.


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